It’s taken me 7 years, but I’ve finally gotten around to creating a master index of all the publications I’ve done.  At first I thought WordPress organized these in chronological order (by when they were uploaded), but as I was linking them, I discovered it’s all completely random, so you’ve got new mixed in with the old.

As I mentioned on the ‘About’ page, early on (for about the first 3 yrs judging by the PDFs I’ve gone back and looked at), pretty much all of my writing was extremely fanboyish and rough around the edges.  Things like style/formatting, grammar, length all took a while to evolve to the point its all at now.  A lot of what I wrote in the older PDFs, I’ve later contradicted–sometimes more than once.  Also, in some of the older PDFs, there are references to ship classes and events that I ended up discarding entirely (a while back, I went back through and deleted pretty much all of my ‘fanboyish’ works).  Rest assured though, these will receive more ‘mature’ re-works/re-writes in due course.


Akula class DH

Independence class CVL

Santee class CVS

Yorktown class CV

Marklin class DH

Lancer class CV

Federation class DN

Antares class SV

Larson class DD

Kearsarge class CL

Loknar class FF

Surya/Coventry class FF/FH

Saladin class DD

Pyotr Velikiy class CA

Class G/Voyager class Heavy Shuttle

Class F Shuttle

Constitution class History

Yorktown class BB

Baton Rouge class CA

Foxtrot Series Outpost

V-9/Nighthawk class ST

Swiftwind class CH

B-1/Jul’Kar class BB

F-5/Kuve class FF

Detroyat class DH

X-Ships of the Linear Warp Era

Akula class DH

Seawolf class DD

Burke class DD

La Fayette class CO

G8 class Gunboat (BG)

D-20/Korgal class DH

D-18/Lara’atan class DH

D-14/D’esta Kar class DH

Sunhawk class CL

Daedalus class CO *(need to revise this PDF – still have it down as a CA)

Carolina class BB

Kiaga class DD

Mercury class CO

Akyazi class DD

Archer class CU

Larson II class DD

Ournal class Space Station

Ambassador class CH

Saladin class Linear Warp Upgrade Project

Abbe class DH

D-90 class CB

Mave’Q class BoP

G-6/Guardian class BG

V-11/Stormbird class CB

Constellation class CA

Class II Support Ships

Loknar class Linear Warp Upgrade Project

Dreadnoughts of the Linear Warp Era (Fed)

Starfleet Transport Command

Vor’Cha class CT

Negh’Var class BB

Centaur class FF

Okinawa class FF

Miranda class FH

Akira class CB

Prometheus class CT

Norway class DH

Defiant class DD

Defender class DD

Soyuz class FA

Korolev class CH

Kearsarge II class CL

Marklin class DH

Dahlgren class CS

D-17 class Attack Fighter

Yorktown II class CV

Victory class DN/CV

Valkyrie class Attack Fighter

Thunderbolt class Attack Fighter

Santee class CVS

Peregrine class Attack Fighter

Midway class CV

Curry class CVL

Class V Fighter Family

Casablanca class CVL

Sovereign class CH

Excelsior class CH

V-8/Vas’Hatham class ST

V’Melak class Warbird

Shrike class DD

Norexan class Warbird

Longsword class FF

Imperial Hawk class Warbird

D’Deridex class Warbird

MD-31 class CB

Exeter class CB

K’Vort class CB

D-11/B’Rel class BoP

J-Type/Watchtower class Space Station

Ticonderoga class Space Station

D-8/K’Tinga class CB

D-7/Klolode class CB

D-6/Raxor class CB

D-4/D’ama class CB

Saber class ST

Galaxy class CH

Renaissance class CA