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Good morning all.  Today’s update concerns a most familiar sight –  Spacedock, what myself and a few other non-canon/fanon sources refer to as the Ournal class.  It’s fairly basic as far as descriptions go though, my history tweaked just enough to have it fit in as the successor to my Ticonderoga class (check it out here).  These stations were large and imposing enough before the introduction of the larger Ournal II class (typified by Starbase 74, necessitated by the sloppy VFX work of the TNG production staff).

With lengthy construction times, grandiose resource requirements and the overall size of the Federation by the late 24th Century, I made these comparatively rare – positioned only in vital sectors of strategic importance – and intend to introduce two smaller station types (Andromeda and Ranger/Ranger II) to compliment them.

Memory Alpha has some great background information on the design’s real-world development and evolution, would definitely recommend checking it out (right here).

Until next time though!

Ournal/Ournal II class Space Station




Coming Up….

Hey all – feel bad here for not getting anything new up lately, that’s due entirely in part to the ‘combined volume’ format I decided to go with for this next project.

Following in the steps of my recent Ships of Starfleet: 2414, I’ve commenced on a sequel Ships of Starfleet: 2300-2365 that covers everything from the turn of the century, all the way up to the early TNG era.  Included will be another 15 classes, including…..
















*(new non-canon designs)

Due to the time it’s taking me to get this together, all future releases will be individual again, if only for the sake of avoiding ‘dry spells’ such as this.

In the meantime, I would heartily recommend picking up the new Typhon Pact novel Plagues of Night.  As with the final Vanguard novel Storming Heaven, this is a taught thriller–despite lagging in places.  The ending features a cliffhanger that I promise will have you talking for some time to come!


All the Best


“Federation ship Enterprise, surrender and prepare to be boarded….!”

While browsing through YouTube a while back, I stumbled on another talented modeler/animator–CJCA915.  Compared to others like him, this guy does a superb job integrating cinematics/music with his own 3D rendering/animation.

He did a great job with the TMP Drydock Departure sequence (check it out) and with the final battle from the TNG classic “Yesterday’s Enterprise”, which is what inspired the above title (check it out) and personally, my favorite vid thus far.

His next project though is an ambitious take on “The Best of Both Worlds”……head to his channel and check out some of the latest previews he’s posted.  You won’t be disappointed!


Small Craft

This latest update represents the convergence of two separate projects–an all-encompassing small craft (shuttles/runabouts etc) guide and a new starfighter I had been ruminating over.  Instead of work on them seperately, I decided for the sake of simplicity, to combine both and enlarge the scope–covering all small craft, shuttles, runabouts and starfighters.  This would give me the chance to not only make things easier to find for you, my readers, but also correct a number of errors I ran across.

The format as presented is how I originally intended to present my publications.  However, as I ran across new designs and came up with ideas for new publications, I found it easier to do each ship/class/subject individually.

Small Craft


At some point, I will probably go back through my past publications and compile them into volumes such as I have here, is all up in the air right now though.


Enjoy this latest work!


The ‘Wagon Train’…..

As opposed to the majority of my previous updates which have dealt with various types of front-line starships from various races & eras, this update is decidedly less ‘glamorous’ — focusing on Starfleet’s Transport Command, the logistical arm that deals with the ‘heavy lifting’ you rarely, if ever, see front line ships dealing with.

Starfleet Transport Command

This single publication is made up of a detailed history, followed by a visual identification guide–featuring side/profile views as well as full specifications for 26 separate classes.





Heavy Hitters, Part II (Klingon)

At long last, the Klingons finally receive some attention here.  I can’t remember the last time I did an update on them – had to have either been the ‘Battlecruiser Evolution’ or ‘Birds of a Feather’ (BoP evolution) ones.

Anyhow, this focuses on the three principal KDF capital ship classes of the 24th Century–Vor’Cha, Negh’Var and Vo’Quv (the Klingon’s first carrier).

Vor’Cha class Attack Cruiser

Negh’Var class Battleship

Vo’Quv class Carrier