Frigate Musings (and a few goodies)

Good morning all, hope everyone’s weekend is going (or has gone) well so far.


I’ve finished describing the design/engineering aspects of both Knox and Miranda and have just started to describe the principal variants.  At first I was going to keep things simple and basically make these two the same, differing only in armament.  In getting started though, I leaned heavily on the excellent blueprints of both that were done up by Strategic Design.



The text/description on Miranda mentions how the design was stretched/lengthened a bit vis-a-vis Knox (just as Coventry was compared to Surya) and so I decided to go with that.  Cargo capacity figures though, were borrowed from the series of reference manuals by Eric “Jackill” Kristiansen.


A point of contention throughout certain sectors of fandom and one I wanted to nail down sufficiently has been the location of the navigational deflector.  Obviously there’s no dish like on Enterprise, so where is it here?  The text/description from the above mentioned blueprints mentions how the deflector/sensor systems have been combined into multi-function emitters/arrays–those twin, low-profile bulges, one each on either side of the bridge module.  Another set of blueprints from Federation Frontiers (link below) supports this and goes one step further–incorporating those exhaust vent-like appendages (on the ventral surface, far back on either side of the impulse deflection crystal) into the system as well.

Avenger class Heavy Frigate General Plans


Principal variants I’ll spend a bit of time discussing are Soyuz and Hensley.  Comanche will get a mention as well, though right now, I’m leaning towards incorporating that as a design study that doesn’t make it to production.  After this, I’ll get into the service history portion which, given the fact Miranda made it all the way up to DS9, will take some time. The route by which I’ll explain ships like Lantree and Saratoga comes by way of Knox.  At some point during the later end of the 23rd Century, I’m thinking 2287-97 sometime, I’m going to have 2/3rds of the Knox class converted to Miranda class specs and leave the remaining 1/3rd un-touched for purposes of experimentation.


While browsing around looking for schematics on Hensley, I came upon a great looking TMP rendition and followed its trail straight back to the deviantART account of a great artist by the name of ‘adrasil’.  Utilizing parts/components created by himself and others, he’s come up with some great looking TOS and TMP schematics.  He’s also gotten into the blueprint game too, again, producing some top-quality stuff.  Taken together, the sheer amount of material he’s produced already is staggering–I’d go so far as to say he’s just as prolific as the late Neale “Vance” Davidson.

Check him out here


Another goody I stumbled upon was some work by a user known as ‘Fesarius’/’Fesarius2271’.  I found his stuff while browsing through Donny Versiga’s flickr albums (link).  Fesarius has done a great model of the TMP era Enterprise and has gone on to do some amazing work on the interior, creating some amazing examples of the cargo/hangar deck, officer’s lounge, Kirk’s quarters, torpedo bay and even the hangar bay control room which I don’t think I’ve ever seen done before.  Check out his site here and his flickr stream (with more work) here


Some RL stuff will interrupt my Saturday routine of sorts, so I’m not sure how much more productive I’ll be – definitely will be combing through adrasil’s stuff for sure.






Independence Class Light Carrier (and some house cleaning….)

Good morning all.  At long last, I finally have Independence done and up for your perusal.

Independence class CVL

The class background & design bits were relatively easy for me to write, I think it was the Four Years War exposition that really caused things to drag out unfortunately–I’m definitely glad to have this done.  Like I said in my annotations, the beginning (background/design) and very end (post-war service) are the only truly unique parts, most of the stuff in the middle (service during the war) is similar to/the same as what I’ve written elsewhere.

Akula is next up and that’s one I’m actually looking forward too (as it marks the first step towards the simplifying/streamlining of the fleet that picks up steam towards the end of the Linear Warp/TMP era).  I’m also considering some simplifying/streamlining of my own – getting rid of some extraneous classes.  One of those on the chopping block is Seawolf.  I saw that at The Starfleet Museum and then wrote it in as a stripped-down version of Kiaga, which would be easier to produce in quantity.  Now however, my thinking has changed.  Kiaga can be the mass produced TOS equivalent of the Defiant class.  Seawolf, Burke and whatever else I’ve written to fill the gap will go by the wayside.  In their stead, I’m thinking of having the Texas class take their place – as that ortho I found a while back looks suitably upgunned enough.  Though since that class starts out life in the 22nd Century, it might be a while before I get to it.


There’s also going to be some house cleaning I’m going to get to.  A week or two ago, a visitor commented and asked where my Small Craft guide went.  I found it on my HD, did a bit of editing and re-uploaded it for him (can see it here).  As I explained in this post right here though, looking back at some of my earliest work (when I was dabbling in the TNG/DS9 and Future eras), my writing was incredibly fanboyish and some of the concepts I came up with were as well–reading them again makes me wince.  I’m not exactly proud of all that and its my intention to, at some point, rewrite it in my current, more grounded style.  So with that said, I’m leaving my Small Craft guide and whatever else up until the end of the month.  Come June 1, it and anything newer than TMP that I didn’t remove the first time around is going to disappear.  You’ll have that long to read & save/download it.

Jolan Tru


Hey all.  Don’t usually post much during the week – am a creature of habit/routine and if I have anything to post, I usually do it on the weekends.


Anyhow, I got bored and randomly checked to see if my usual deviantART source had re-posted any of his orthos.  The ‘Texas Class’ (of Star Fleet Battles fame) was up, I gave it a once over and wow – for a supposed Light Cruiser, the class as depicted is armed rather heavily – by my count, 7 Phaser Banks, 2 Pulse Phaser Cannons(?) and 2 Torpedo Launchers.  The warp nacelles and everything too give it a solid TOS era appearance.  It’s a shame I just now paid attention to it, as it would’ve made a fine addition to my Four Years War narrative.

Check it out

If anything, I could describe it as the *one* reserve class that didn’t get committed to combat, but was held back as a dedicated system defense ship deployed around critical planets/in critical areas, but that seems like kind of a stretch.  Am not sure at this point if there’s really any plausible way I could write this thing into the Class I era or not.  Just thought I’d drop it here though.

Federation Fleet Review

Hey all.  Am continuing work on my revision of Independence.  As does happen, I got sidetracked looking for orthos (as my usual DeviantART source removed all of his and is re-uploading them here and there) and stumbled upon a great reference work – the penultimate and what I believe is the final thing we’ll see from Richard Mandel, his Federation Fleet Review (linked here, also included in the ‘Reference’ section – see link in the upper right).


Federation Fleet Review


In reading the Forward at the beginning, it’s kind of sad to hear that this is his “swan song” of sorts.  Am not sure what it was that caused him to step away and also give up part of his vision – whether real life, copyright/IP issues or whatever – I’m just glad I could get my hands on this.  I consider discovering his Federation Spaceflight Chronology a seminal moment in my own fandom ‘experience’, right up there with discovering Timo Saloniemi’s Hobbyist’s Guide…...


In any event, this is a TMP work that examines a pretty wide array of classes, including more than a few obscure ones.  I’ve only glanced over it, but am impressed at the scope.   Amusingly enough, I’m also credited in there (under the ‘Recommended Reading’ section at the end, as my former pseudonym “The Red Admiral”).  Also, in searching for a new title for my combined/all-in-one works, I think something along the lines of “Federation Fleet Review” might work better – still have to sort that out.  All that would be left is a different cover design.


Hope you all enjoy!


Jolan Tru


New Landing Pages

Hey all, I know it’s been a while.  Lack of motivation, just being busy and other misc. RL stuff has kept me away.


I have Lancer all but done.  However, as does sometimes happen with me, I haven’t found the motivation to finish it off and instead, I started in on a re-write of the Marklin class.  While doing that though, I had a commentor ask if I had an index page somewhere with links to all the publications/PDFs/whatever that I’ve done.  I realized I didn’t (a gross oversight considering how long I’ve been doing this) and so I got to work getting one together.

It can be accessed from the link on the upper right or through this link here.  It’s not organized, perfect, or anything like that – just wanted to get something together so anyone who asked would have someplace to go. (organization and all that will come in time 😉 )



Also, I quick made a similar landing page for the collection of misc. reference PDFs I’ve uploaded (the Federation Spaceflight Chronology, principally)

Again, look to the upper right for a link, or click below




I feel a great disturbance… the canon…..

Forgive my poor attempt at wordplay friends, but given 2 of the 3 things I’m going to lay out here, I thought it apt (and by ‘canon’, I mean my own ‘head canon’/’personal canon’ here).


First off, for those who haven’t heard already, Barry Jenner (Adm. William Ross) passed away this past Tuesday (8/9) in Los Angeles from complication of acute myeloid leukemia.

Remembering DS9’s Barry Jenner, 1941-2016


Secondly, I stumbled upon some, what looked like in-game, renders of a revised/reskinned D-5 class (that basically took the D-5 from ENT and updated it to fit within the TOS era)

(scroll to the bottom)


I’m not quite sure whether they’re from the “Agents of Yesterday” update to Star Trek Online or whether they’re from someplace else.  I’ve also been unable to find any better visuals in this same style.  If I can though and this is indeed the D5 and not another class, then it might very well be a game changer and up end a good chunk of history that I’ve personally gotten used to.

Finally, I’ve come across a great TMP trailer that resonates with me.  An opening voice over from Spock, together with tight pacing and a powerful instrumental track by John Murphy (“What Do You See?”) really make it stand out as more than just another fan edit.


Hope you all are having/have had a great weekend


Jolan Tru