A Firm Foundation

Happy Saturday all!  Has certainly been a long week for myself with multiple different things going on.  By the time Friday hit, I was pretty fried and could barely summon the motivation to press forward on this month’s freelance work.  Today though, I’m taking a much needed break and diving into the ‘State of the Fleet’ – the high level overview/evolution of Starfleet shipbuilding during the ‘Class I era’ (for my purposes, 2220 to 2271).  Now before I get too far, I’ll have to cement my list of classes I’m going to get into for this compilation, but one thing I already have set in stone is the list of major ship classes that served the Coalition of Planets and the Earth Starfleet during the 22nd Century.

One of the realities that seems to be accepted across many segments of fandom is that there is a clearly defined fleet serving during the ENT era and then one serving during the TOS era, but that the period in between the two was one of malaise and complacency–various sources putting forth various theories to explain the smattering of different ship designs that popped up.  Timo Saloniemi’s Hobbyist’s Guide……is the only source I’ve found that connects/includes nearly every one of these designs in a logical/linear manner, but as I have only a fraction of his ambition, I’ll leave that well enough alone.

I did however pattern my idea of an ENT era fleet after his, including the following classes…….(links to images only unless otherwise stated)


DY-1100 class Transport (TT) *(I previously called this ‘DY-X’)

J class Freighter (FG)

Y class Freighter (FG)

Durance class Freighter (FG)

Discovery class Scout/Assault Transport (ST/TA) *(based on the Conestoga class)
Link 2

Mercury class Corvette (CO) *(that I’ve previously covered)

Daedalus class Corvette (CO) *(have previously covered this as well – reclassifying it from Cruiser/CA down to Corvette/CO based on generally accepted dimensions and description contained in the Hobbyist’s Guide…..)

Minuteman class Destroyer (DD)

Emmette class Destroyer (DD)

Iceland class Heavy Destroyer (DH)

Triton class class Light Cruiser (CL)

Poseidon class Cruiser (CA)

NX class Heavy Cruiser (CH)

Columbia class Heavy Cruiser (CH)

Victory class Dreadnought/Carrier (DN/CV) *(that I’ve previously covered)

Yorktown class Battleship (BB) *(that I’ve previously covered)


Now as I have it, Mercury, Daedalus, Columbia and Yorktown are the only front-line classes from this period that survive past 2170.  Victory had by this time transitioned almost entirely to Carrier specs, Minuteman through Poseidon were retired to to their over-engineering (that claimed a number of NX’s in the opening days of the Earth-Romulan war).  The transports and freighters I mentioned also survive as well, only because Starfleet has no other classes available at the time to assume the same responsibilities.



Hey all, as promised here is my next update.

As far as I can tell, Yorktown is an original design whipped up for the Star Trek: Legacy video game.  It’s a shame the game didn’t turn out as well as other related titles (like Bridge Commander for instance), as Yorktown shares the stage with an incredible plethora of other Federation, Klingon and Romulan starships that span all eras and (in the case of the Klingons & Romulans) originate from the famed FASA RPG.  Like some others, its a design that’s taken a while to grow on me, but in creating a history, I’ve managed to tie up the ‘loose ends’ created by the mishmash of starship designs in service just prior to TOS and in my big Constitution Class History project, I explain just a little more, how this influence carries forward.  Also, due to the way I’ve written it, Yorktown usurps Baton Rouge as the most powerful pre-TOS ship and so I’ve gone back and made some very minor revisions to the latter’s text (though I thought I would have to do more).


Yorktown class Battleship

Baton Rouge 2.0



Live Long and Prosper



As promised folks, after 3 months, I have another update to share.


The title refers to the fact that the two ships I’m presenting–Daedalus and Carolina–‘bookend’ Starfleet during the 23rd Century, representing the early years of TOS and latter years of TMP respectively.  Originally, I meant to publish Daedalus with a piece on the complete history of Starbase 47 – “Vanguard” and Carolina was but to play a part in a larger piece on Starfleet Battleships, but as I explained in the preceding post, things didn’t quite work out as planned.

Both posts also contain ample inspiration for future works, mentioning early classes like DY-X and Delta as well as alluding to larger concepts like that of the Starfleet Reserves (necessary, if only to present a unified, definitive history of which TMP era designs participated in later conflicts like the Cardassian and Dominion Wars……).  Those are definitely on the radar as is yet another TMP era design.  Before I compile all my TMP era work though into a single guide/compilation though, I want to organize all the designs by classification/type and try and get a sense if there are any groupings (Cruiser, Frigate etc) that are underrepresented at all.


Daedalus class Cruiser

Carolina class Battleship


More to come soon hopefully 🙂



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Warmest of wishes to you my readers!  Hopefully everyone’s had a good holiday season and are poised to start off 2013 on a great foot here.


You can consider this update a Christmas present of sorts, as there is a bit of ground to cover.  Not only do I have a new ship to present, but also some relevant news tidbits and some more reference material.  First off, the news tidbits (the oldest issue here…….)

At the beginning of December, the U.S. Navy officially inactivated the Aircraft Carrier Enterprise (CVN-65).  The only example of the Enterprise class, she was launched in 1960 as the world’s first Nuclear-powered Aircraft Carrier and holds the distinction for being the longest naval vessel in the world (1,123ft/342m – longer than the TMP era Enterprise class!).

USS Enterprise (CVN-65)

At her inactivation ceremony, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus announced that the next Gerald R. Ford class Aircraft Carrier–CVN-80–would carry the name Enterprise which is scheduled to be launched sometime between 2025-2027.

USS Enterprise Aircraft Carrier Inactivated + Navy Announces New Enterprise to Launch Next Decade (TrekMovie.com)

USS Enterprise (CVN-80)

Gerald R. Ford class Aircraft Carrier


Also, Richard Mandel was kind enough to drop in for a return visit (commenting on my previous post) – providing myself along with anyone else who was interested with two more pieces of work.  Like those he graciously provided before, these are in a rough, unfinished state, but are great springboards for the creatively-minded to build/expand upon.  Definitely good additions to your reference libraries!

Starfleet Battleship Classes of the 23rd Century

Starfleet Shuttlecarrier Classes of the 23rd Century

Here again, for those that missed them, are two of the earlier works he provided (all are still available on my blog here, just have to go back and search for them).

Federation Spaceflight Chronology, Vol. 1 (the ‘Okuda’ edition)

Guide to the Klingon Fleet

Thanks again Richard!!


Finally now, the ‘meat and potatoes’ of it all.  As I mentioned in my annotations, I’m not quite sure what led me to do this particular ship, but sometimes the best creations are those that spring forth from the most random of ideas.  It’s another great work gleamed off of DeviantART (see the Bibliography) that I think you all will enjoy.

Mercury class Corvette



The ‘Wagon Train’…..

As opposed to the majority of my previous updates which have dealt with various types of front-line starships from various races & eras, this update is decidedly less ‘glamorous’ — focusing on Starfleet’s Transport Command, the logistical arm that deals with the ‘heavy lifting’ you rarely, if ever, see front line ships dealing with.

Starfleet Transport Command

This single publication is made up of a detailed history, followed by a visual identification guide–featuring side/profile views as well as full specifications for 26 separate classes.





Enter the Andorians…..

As my two most recent posts have promised, I do have some juicy Andorian goodness to share with you.

Kumari Class

My publication on the most well known ship class of the Andorian Imperial Guard is a tad bit truncated and as I stated in the ‘Editors Annotations’ section at the end, will remain so for the foreseeable future.

Right now as far as the Andorians are concerned, once I figure out where to go with them (in light of the information presented in my preceding post), that will open up several new paths I can take.  So for now, the direction my next post and publication will take is entirely up in the air……

Hope you do enjoy though!


Klingon Battlecruiser Evolution

My latest update is a big undertaking-the evolution of the Klingon Battlecruiser……spanning 6 classes and over 100 years-putting it on par, if not above my writeup on the Constitution class in terms of effort devoted and time involved.

Hopefully this makes up for the latest gap in updates…… 😉

D-3 (the D-5 from ENT)

D-4/Dama (ENT)

D-5/Dupat (TOS)

D-6/Raxor (TOS)

D-7/Klolode (TOS)

D-8/K’tinga (TMP)

A few interesting things I learned during this project (courtesy of Memory Beta)……..

-The Holy Order of the Kinshaya, which played a supporting role in the recent “Star Trek: Destiny” novel series actually made its first appearance in the TOS novel “The Final Reflection” published in May of 1984 by John Ford (Kinshaya Article @ Memory Beta).

-After being unable to rid his ship (the D-7 class IKS Gr’oth) of tribbles, Captain Koloth seeks battle against the Tholians to calm his mind on the advice of his friend Captain Kang.  Koloth later evacuated his crew to Kang’s ship and was forced to activate the Gr’oth’s auto-destruct sequence in order to destroy the tribbles (IKS Gr’oth article @ Memory Beta).