Writing, designing, creating………..these are all things I’ve enjoyed for quite some time–especially when it came to Star Trek and the area of starships & technology.

My early attempts at creating my own central resource center, where I could both present my own ideas as well as my take on more established ones, were abysmal.  My writing was ‘fanboyish’ and the sites that I created with free services like Tripod & Geocities were equally amateurish, lacking any sort of polish or design cohesion.

Eventually though, things started to coalesce.  I found my groove, publishing PDF documents using Microsoft Publisher, in the style of the old Ships of the Star Fleet reference works.  My writing matured and after stumbling on Doug Drexler’s blog here @ WordPress, I found my ‘canvas’–deciding that publishing a blog was much easier all around than trying to create and maintain a website.

Though my tools have changed (moved from PC to Mac) why I do what I do has not.  I write & create for my own enjoyment and that of the visitors who find their way here.  If someday, I’m blessed with a measure of notoriety out of all of this, well then that will be just fine 🙂

Jolan Tru


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