Kearsarge & the Klingons as Bogeymen

Hey all, finally have another update for you guys.


If you couldn’t tell by the title, it’s the Kearsarge class, a Light Cruiser from Star Fleet Battles (SFB).  Because it’s not a FASA creation, it doesn’t necessarily have any sort of rich history or a sort of interesting background like many others and so in most everything I’ve written up to this point, I have it coming into being in 2240.


Referring back to the Hobbyist’s Guide……. as I often do though has refreshed my perspective and given me a new angle from which to expand upon.  In the early decades of the 23rd Century as Starfleet and the Class I program were still finding their footings, the Klingons  held the upper hand in terms of strict numbers.  The fleet’s shipbuilding was still biased towards Cruisers and other vessels with a scientific or exploratory bias.  To keep from being totally overrun, they needed numbers though (and a more-than-decent semblance of capability).  That’s where Kearsarge comes in.

In many ways, if you continue on with this line of thinking, the resulting explosion of defensive/offensive oriented ship classes in following years, from Kiaga and Decatur/Belknap to Akyazi and the multitude of Dreadnought classes can all be traced back to Kearsarge.  With the Klingons as the ‘boogeymen’ in a sense, Starfleet went off the deep-end in some ways, in ensuring that they not only had enough ships, but enough of the right types of ships to defend Federation territory and interests.

This continues on into the 24th Century too.  The Korolev and Akira classes are tough, hardy compliments to more ‘mainline’ classes like Ambassador and Galaxy, while Defiant is more or less a 24th century incarnation of Kiaga or Akyazi.  One could even make the case that Prometheus, being the newest such defensive/offensive oriented class, is the current heir of the Kearsarge legacy.


Kearsarge class


With my motivation being a bit off-kilter, I had the writing and such done for a while, but just couldn’t summon enough to finish it off (with the specs, schematics etc).  So with that being what it was, I started work on my next writeup covering the Larson class Destroyer.  With it about a quarter to half done already, I expect that the writing will proceed quickly.  I’ll cover its wartime service in the same semi-broad way as I did with Kearsarge and keep the description of its post-war service brief, perhaps offering up a few musings on the future of the Destroyer in Starfleet or something like that (unless I can unearth a decent FASA adventure – most of those don’t come into play until the TMP era though).


Looking forward even further, there’s Marklin and Akula to cover and then perhaps Baton Rouge 3.0 as well (modifying the text to account for the reputation/history I’ve given it in subsequent writeups).  Provided that I don’t get the itch to go back and do something like DY-X (this thing), this will conclude my ‘wartime coverage’ and I can finally move into the ‘cold war’ or ‘golden’ era of the 2250’s and 60’s with the Antares class Surveyor (right here), the infamous Federation class Dreadnought  and whatever other classes I can’t think of right now.


Jolan Tru



5 responses to “Kearsarge & the Klingons as Bogeymen

  1. Didn’t you used to have Kearsarge-II, Loknar-II, and Larson-II pdfs? I know I used to have them but then I lost them when my hard-drive died, and now I can’t find them.

  2. Thanks, that’s…almost everything I’ve looking for. The only things missing are “Ships of Starfleet 2300-2365” and “Ships of Starfleet: 2414”.

  3. Ahh. I actually took those down (that’s some of the ‘fanboyish’ stuff I wanted to distance myself from), but I still have em on my hard drive somewhere. Will dig them out and shoot you another reply when they’re back up.

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