Hello again all, am back with an update once more.  If it weren’t for the normal issues of motivation combined with a bit of RL interference, I would’ve had this finished and out about two weeks ago, but oh well.

I made one final update to my computer setup here at home and that’s a transition from the low profile ‘modern’ keyboards like this Apple one I had been using, to the word of mechanical keyboards (with their pseudo-old school typing feel/aesthetic).  There aren’t many out there that are Mac-focused, let alone Mac-focused and not hideously expensive, but I picked this one up off of Amazon for $100 (still reasonable IMO) about two weeks ago now and have grown to love the feel/sound (though it did take some getting used to for my wrists lol).  I have a similar one coming for my PC (not that I type much on that, will be interesting to see how it performs gaming-wise) and then because these are still new to me, I ordered a completely different one for use at work (since I do just as much, if not more typing there).

All that aside, it’s made typing this out a much more satisfying experience IMO.  As I said above, issues of motivation have bogged me down as of late, but I managed to finally get Loknar done.  Aside from the usual overview/examination of the design/engineering, the history is made up of three parts–the class’ small role in the Four Years War, events of Operation Vanguard and then its brief participation in the ‘Kzinti Incursion’.  I didn’t bother sifting through my FASA resources to find any further filler material (the only Loknar-focused one I know of–“Decision At Midnight”–takes place in the 2270’s) and so this is rather short in comparison to Surya/Coventry.

Loknar class Frigate


What’s next?  Well, both Kearsarge and Larson have been on my mind.  Kearsarge is a SFB (Star Fleet Battles) design and lacks any the kind of colorful history certain FASA designs have.  Larson on the other hand is a FASA design, though one that has scant mention outside of the “Demand of Honor” and “White Flame” supplements (taking place in the late 2260’s).  In reading the Hobbyist’s Guide…….. they also enter service in different decades–Kearsarge in the early 2230’s (competing a bit with Loknar); Larson in the 2240’s (replacing Saladin but bringing up new questions for Starfleet).  I’m not necessarily enamored with the idea of having two separate publications come out short (I did enjoy crafting the long histories of recent classes like Pyotr Velikiy and Surya/Coventry), but then again, keeping a long term view in mind, doing them individually would make things easier when the time comes to release my TOS era compilation.  So who knows?

I did take some time off coming up, in addition to this next weekend I have the 19th-22nd to myself and only have to work a half day on the 23rd, so hopefully if I can get some momentum going and find some motivation, I’ll have something up for Christmas.


Live Long and Prosper