Klingon Asymmetry

Hey all, just wanted to get some random thoughts out of my head and down on to the blog here.


Way back when I first discovered Demon Renegade Studios, I took an immediate liking to a lot of the models.  Sharp and detailed, I wrote histories around several.  One that I haven’t yet touched on is the ‘Haze III’ fighter.  Produced in both civilian (link) and Klingon (link) versions, the only visuals I’ve been able to find are the perspective shots right there at the site and so, I held off on writing them in.

A thought that popped into my head back then and one that’s stuck with me is their use as asymmetric tools on the part of the Klingons.  Open, unrestrained warfare (the Four Years War of the TOS era) had given way to a ‘Cold War’ punctuated by cross-border strikes and offensives of limited size and scope (pretty much the first half of the TMP era – up until about 2287 or 88).  The IKDF had Gunboats sure, but these had never truly been able to stop starfighters – craft that were smaller, nimbler and nearly as well armed.

Starfleet held the trump card in this category since the late 22nd Century, but toward the end of the Class I and advent of the Linear Warp era, they moved to match the Klingons’ “bigger/better/harder” philosophy – building bigger ships that were better armed and harder-hitting – getting seemingly lax in this category.

So, what better way to hit back at their adversary than to target the one area they paid comparatively little attention to?  I’m thinking that because this craft has a generic/civilian model, that its an independent design that originated with a civilian shipbuilder (who hoped to possibly cash in on the criminal/black market appeal of such a design).  The Klingons making even a low-key attempt to acquire it through legitimate means would be too obvious to Starfleet, so I’m thinking some slick industrial espionage would be in order.

The IKDF, after acquiring the plans, manufacturers a quantity for themselves while also mass producing the civilian model – modified with military grade equipment (shields, weapons, sensors etc) and then passes them off to Imperial Intelligence, who dumps them on the market at cut rate prices all to aggravate their rivals (principally, Starfleet).


What role both variants will play is still unclear at the moment – as I’ve said, it will be a while before I get up into that era, but it does present a tantalizing possibility or two.




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