More Surya/Coventry Musings…..

Hey all, work is continuing on Surya and like Pyotr Velikiy, I’ve elected to roll Coventry in and make this a combined publication.

I recently got my hands on the Strategic Design blueprints for the Knox class Frigate and I’ve been using these as a reference for the interior arrangement of both Surya and Coventry (since most of the sheets for Constitution and Miranda are non clickable) – oh man are they ever fascinating……..check em out right here

Straying off-topic for just a moment, for the longest time, I preferred the clean Lantree type Miranda variant and was all but ready to add it in as my version of Knox (I really didn’t care for the 2 Pulse Phaser Cannons that stuck out from the original design, as I felt they looked too odd without a rollbar).  However after examining and really enjoying SD’s blueprints, I decided to revert back to this original design and even found a great model of it too (done up by ‘Pheylan’ – check out this thread on Foundation3D).  That and the TMP era overall are a long ways off for me yet though.

Getting back on topic, reading through the Hobbyist’s Guide………. has given me some more food for thought.  Destroyers as a whole aren’t given that much prominence, even the Larson class that replaced Saladin is sidelined a bit compared to the similarly sized Loknar class Frigate.  With Surya and Coventry featuring Cruiser-like capabilities in a design well suited to mass production, eventually a decision had to be made on not only Destroyers vs Frigates but Surya/Coventry vs Loknar.

Aside from Saladin and Larson, I wrote in three additional TOS era Destroyer classes – Burke, Seawolf and Kiaga.  The former two wouldn’t make it into the Linear Warp era, however Saladin, Larson and Kiaga (as the Akyazi class) would.  Starfleet’s decision to leave Larson as the only traditional Destroyer type while tinkering with the surviving Saladin (Kearsarge and Loknar) class ships underscored not only the indecision regarding fleet planning, but the lack of confidence in the category entirely.**

**(you don’t see any based on Excelsior entering service during the latter half of the 23rd Century.  Centaur, officially classed as a Frigate, seems to represent both categories while moving forward, various Cruiser types ranging from Intrepid all the way up to Nebula support ‘hero’ classes like Galaxy and Sovereign, with older classes like Excelsior and Miranda appearing as needed – Defiant being the one notable exception to all this)**

So with this said, I’m going to try and make it clear that the emphasis is on Surya/Coventry for the rest of the TOS period.  With production numbers already set in stone by Ships of the Star Fleet, I’m not going to bother deviating from that at all and just stick to the same general narrative of support that I established with Pyotr Velikiy.  Moving into the TMP era though, where things get murkier and more ambiguous, is where I’ll most likely ramp up the numbers for both Surya (Knox) and Coventry (Miranda), with the goal of having them overtake SaladinLarson and Loknar.  Depending on how all that shakes out, I may try and cull their production numbers somehow, but that will take some brainstorming.



Peace and Long Life



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