Upending Everything………

Rarely do I put up two posts in one day, especially on the same/similar subjects.  I just ran across something though that has me kicking myself pretty good.


Right now, I’m stuck describing the cargo capabilities of Surya.  For whatever reason, I wanted to go looking for some blueprints of Miranda (because like I said, no one’s ever done TOS style blueprints).  I ended up going down a rabbit hole that led me to this set of incredible deck plans/blueprints for the Belknap class.

Belknap class Blueprints/Deck Plans


Checking out Sheet 5 (which covers the bridge module, Decks 1-4), I noticed that Deck 2, directly below the bridge, is the ‘Combat Information Center’.  There’s a pair of turbolifts, access to the computer core and two large situation monitors covering fleet movement (starboard) and ship’s systems status (port).  To port and starboard are separate rooms focusing on damage control and communications control/cryptography respectively.  Each has three stations and a free-standing display table.  Forward of those is a ‘flag bridge’ that I’ll let you check out for yourself.


Now knowing this is the same designer who worked on the ‘Strategic Design’ series of plans, I went back and checked out the plans for Miranda & Enterprise and even though you can’t zoom in on many of the sheets for those, I recognized similar CiC spaces on both of those. What really gets me though is Constitution.

Other plans

Not only is there a similar space on Deck 3 (can’t make out specifics at this tiny resolution), but this representation of the ship also features 6 phaser banks in their traditional saucer mounted locations.


So, I’ve now got a lot to think about going forward (as far as TMP rewrites go) as well as possible revisions (to existing TOS work?).  Going to have to think a bit as well as try and take a look at other blueprint sources.


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