Saladin + Federation Spaceflight Chronology

Hey all, hope the weekend finds you well.  Have a major treat for you today – after dragging my feet for sometime and having my work schedule screwed up (co-worker at my side job quit, throwing my own workload into disarray), I’ve finally got the classic Saladin class up for your perusal.

**Disclaimer** – This is a work of pure fiction. As with everything else on my blog, this writing is from my own point of view. I’m working within a universe that is populated by material sourced back to CBS/Paramount Pictures and various other authors, designers and artists. This is not intended to be taken as end-all, be-all guide to this respective class, merely the history as I myself see it.  I cherry pick from some sources, ignore others and weave everything together as I see fit.

Saladin (DD 500) class Destroyer

There wasn’t too much for me to say in my annotations given the updates I’ve posted here.  I will however point you to Harry Doddema’s Titan Fleet Yards for a look at some schematics that illustrate how some of the sub-class names (Siva in particular) have been applied to different designs.  Also, if you’ll notice the outline of DD 506/Pompey, that ship in various places, has been mentioned as belonging to yet another Destroyer class, the self named Pompey (link here).

It’s mentioned as a specific sub-class in the Hobbyist’s Guide…… and also in the Federation Spaceflight Chronology that brings me to my next point.  I’ve been thinking about this all week and I’ve decided to put the original 14 PDFs (Vols. 1-12, the ‘A’ Klingon supplement and ‘B1’ Romulan supplement – haven’t found part 2 of this at all) back up for all to enjoy.

Who/whatever Richard Mandel got on the bad side of, they either haven’t seen the combined volume of his I posted some time ago, or by now they just don’t care.  Either way, they’ve become quite popular throughout the fandom and together with Timo Saloniemi’s guide, they represent some of the best fan-produced reference material out there.

One thing I would ask though, that if you view these on an actual computer (as opposed to a phone or similar mobile device), please download and/or save them yourselves.  I don’t think they’re ever going to be updated in their current form and should they disappear again, one wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of searching for them again (and alternately, someone could repost them elsewhere)

Vol. 1

Vol. 2

Vol. 3

Vol. 4

Vol. 5

Vol. 6

Vol. 7

Vol. 8

Vol. 9

Vol. 10

Vol. 11

Vol. 12

Vol. A – Klingon

Vol. B1 – Romulan (Pt I)



What’s next?  Well, going down my list, there’s both Larson and Loknar from FASA – famous classes in their own right – but I’ve been thinking a bit more about the Surya and Coventry classes (from Todd Guenther and Starstation Aurora).  With their more conventional designs, they formed the core of Starfleet’s Frigate force.  Highly adaptable and able to take on the same types of missions as their larger Cruiser brethren, they established a lineage that lives on with the Nebula class.

Larson and Loknar on the other hand are more niche classes IMO, designed and constructed for more niche purposes that had all but evaporated by the mid 24th Century.  While Linear Warp refits made them more capable, their basic roles were eventually taken over by the Akyazi class Perimeter Action Ship.  With the advent of TNG, Destroyers as a whole seemed to disappear, leaving Frigates as the smallest ship type.  DS9 brought them back with the Defiant, but in a vastly different context, one that bears little resemblance to the heady Cold War days of the 2270’s and 80’s.

On the other hand, with all that said, Larson and Loknar likely wouldn’t take too much longer than Saladin to do.  Who knows though.


In the meantime, Donny (the 3D designer/modeler I mentioned back on 7/13) is at it again, this time with a B’Rel class Bridge.  You can follow his progress here.


Peace and Long Life


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