My Thoughts on ST: Beyond *(no spoilers)*

Hey all……..hope everybody’s been having a great weekend so far.  In my portion of the U.S., we’re getting fried at the moment.  To escape the heat though, I made it over to my local cinema and caught the newest Star Trek installment.

I honestly had my reservations given how much I love the ‘Prime’ timeline (the TOS and TMP eras in particular), but I walked away pleasantly surprised.  For all those who are reading this and are skeptical or otherwise on the fence……….go see it!  This is easily the best entrant in the ‘Kelvin Timeline’ by far.  To be fair, the plot is a bit simplistic (though no more so than Nemesis….) and director Justin Lin’s fast pacing doesn’t help.  Viewed overall though, it’s a solid picture.  There are some great easter eggs too – if they don’t elicit a ‘warm, fuzzy’ feeling from longtime fans, they should at least be good for a small chuckle/smirk 🙂

I for one can’t wait until it hits Netflix and then DVD/BluRay.


Jolan Tru


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