While doing some research………..

……….I unearthed some great art finds 😉   Hello again all.  While jotting down some random thoughts on Saladin this morning, I got hung up while trying to describe her engineering section, so I went looking for some blueprints (mainly, to find out just exactly where the fusion reactors were located and whether or not they were accessible at all).

The old 1981 Blueprints I’ve been looking to don’t show them at all (link).  I did however find two somewhat primative looking 3D renders of a TOS style impulse deck here and here.  Given that on a Constitution, this would seem to duplicate many, if not all functions controlled at/by/from Main Engineering, then on Saladin, this space would work perfectly for a combined Engineering section.  Besides, I could envision that upper level (the second link) as home to additional control consoles/stations as well as other machinery and miscellany.


I found the real gem though in the comments of the larger article (link), which pointed me to a thread over at TrekBBS where an artist/designer (Donny Versiga) doing various Enterprise interiors from both TOS and TMP.  Like Basill from Starstation Computer Art (link), Donny has some incredible talent and his work has an insane level of detail that really brings the 23rd Century to life.

The thread (link) is currently 116pgs long at the moment, but in between WIP and finished renders, there’s lots of good behind the scenes discussion/debate/trivia.  Check out his blog (link) or flickr stream (link) if you want to skip the discussion & up-to-date news and jump straight to the renders.




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