Saladin/Class I Musings

Good morning all, hope everyone here is having/has had a good weekend 🙂


I’ve started my examination of the Saladin (DD 500) class and was about to start discussing the interior arrangement, but I wanted to get a better understanding of just exactly where certain components were located/how they were arranged and so I started doing some research.


I found the old Starcraft Blueprints (link), but I was specifically looking for where exactly the warp core/M-AM reactor was located and didn’t see it.  That’s when I stumbled on this thread right here and read a post describing how the nacelles were basically self contained, housing the M/AM reactors (plural), matter and anti-matter storage and everything else associated. Referring back to the blueprints, I found that the poster who laid all that out was correct.


I then went looking for someplace where I could find out the difference between ‘circumferential’ (TOS) and ‘linear’ (TMP forward pretty much) warp engines and stumbled upon a 12 year old discussion thread (link) where Timo Saloniemi postulated that ‘circumferential’ referred to plasma being fed to the circumference of each warp coil while ‘linear’ referred to plasma flowing through the whole stack of coils along the centerline. *(if anyone has seen/read/come across anything to the contrary, feel free to correct me)*  How the plasma is fed/flows through the warp coils then directly translates into how much power is able to be generated apparently.


While this up-ends my (basic) understanding of FTL propulsion, I’m not too sure it will have much of an impact on work I’ve done as I don’t think I’ve delved too deep into that aspect of starship operation (and with this in mind now, my discussion in this area will probably remain general).


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