Pyotr Velikiy

Good morning (or evening) all, I finally have something for you 🙂


Finishing up Pyotr Velikiy, the writing wasn’t so much the problem as were inserting the specs – because that’s on a page with a schematic and I arrange them in 3 columns roughly, I use text boxes.  Doesn’t sound too complicated does it?  Well I recently upgrade my Office suite from Office ’11 to Office ’16 (for Mac – I use the PC equivalent at work and love Outlook and Word) and the new version of Word dispenses with the old ‘Publisher’ view which made manipulation of graphics, text boxes and the like a bit easier (InDesign or something similar would be overkill for what I do).  Hopefully I can figure things out in time, but who knows.


That has me a bit irritated at the moment, so I’m going to dispense with all the pleasantries and just let you have at it.

Pyotr Velikiy/Kirov Class


As always, I’d recommend reading my annotations at the end as well as visiting the Masao Okazaki’s Pyotr Velikiy page at The Starfleet Museum (link).  When it comes to what’s next, looking at my long master list brings up Saladin.  Since I went with a combined format here, describing two classes, I’m still on the fence about whether to combine Saladin and Hermes or just leave them separate (will have to do some digging/reading and see how much info I can dig up).  Aside from that, there are the Cahuya and Antares class Surveyors, which again, could be combined into one piece.  All the others in my list have been done already, it’s just a matter of incorporating them and editing/revising their histories to fit my common overall narrative and make sure all my plot points are straight.




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