Pyotr Velikiy & the Four Years War

Hey all – just wanted to give another quick update here as some ideas started congealing in my head.


If you’ll recall my last update, I mentioned a bit about Pyotr Velikiy having a transport-tug variant.  Well, with the way things have shaped up, I’ve decided to incorporate that into my overall writeup here. At a loss for a name, I decided to designate it the Kirov class Heavy Transport-Tug (TTH) *(in RL, both Pyotr Velikiy and Kirov are Kirov class Battlecruisers of the Russian Navy)


Also, because I’m going to be incorporating both Pyotr Velikiy and Kirov into my own Four Years War narrative, I went looking for some old writeups I did……could swear there were one or two that contained detailed accounts of some of the battles, including at least one ground one.  Alas, I haven’t been able to find them, but I did find an excel file where I mapped out a rough timeline/order of the major battles, using info gleamed from Memory Beta for the most part. *(again, I worked this out to fit my own preconceived narrative………YMMV)*


Battle of Andromeda – November 2246

Battle of Genmarx – March 2247

Xamdab II Convoy Raid – July 2247

Battle of GR-1 (Space)** – November 2247

Assault of Nozseca VIII (Ground)** – November 2247

Nostveg Engagement – February 2248

Ambush of Convoy L-412 – April 2248

Battle of Sector 23-H – May 2248

Battle of Sinbad IV – April 2248

Battle of Webirty – February 2249

Battle of Thranstor – July 2249

Battle of Kolm An – June 2250


I’m not quite sure yet how in depth to get…….given Kirov’s cargo capacity/potential as an Assault Transport, I’ll probably hit one or both of the ground battles in the above list (Nozseca VIII & Sinbad IV) and then follow the outline I established in my Yorktown class writeup for the rest (think there might be one or two missing still).  Ultimately, though it’s a significant event overall, I don’t want war to dominate the conversation during this time period, so I might take my time here.


Am gone this weekend on a long road trip out west, so I’ll have plenty of time to think/write.  Hopefully I’ll have something by this next weekend.



Jolan Tru




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