Pyotr Velikiy Notes/Badlands Musings

Hey all, happy Friday.  Wanted to drop in and give an update on things.


Am still incredibly busy on my end – this weekend’s booked, then I’ll be doing a road trip over Memorial Day (5/27-5/30), but that’s the beauty of having Google Docs on my phone because no matter where I’m at, I can always jot things down.

Speaking of that, am still working on Pyotr Velikiy.  I think I have it pretty well positioned as a Constitution alternative…….a Cruiser (CA) that will cover what little grey area there is between Surya/Coventry (FF/FH) and then Constitution (CH).  I got to writing a bit though before I realized that there were complete deck plans/specs over at The Starfleet Museum (link).  So I examined those and adjusted things accordingly………but man, going by those, Pyotr Velikiy one-ups Constitution in some pretty key areas.

First, its not much bigger/doesn’t have much more habitable volume than Coventry perhaps, but the displacement and total compliment are both larger at 280,000mT and 500 respectively.

Second, it outguns Constitution by including 6 Phaser Banks to the 3-4 I’ve come to accept.
*(for the longest time, I accepted the total of 6 in the saucer–3 dorsal/ventral–but after seeing many schematics and orthos–like this one from Neale Davidson–I revised my own number down to 3, later adding in another one after watching the Defiant in action in ENT)

Also, unless I’ve forgotten how to count, I examined the deck plans and found Pyotr Velikiy has a total of 20 science labs (2 on deck 5, 18 on deck 6).

All this said, if you figure Starfleet wanted to make sure Constitution wasn’t “too big to fail”, then pulling out all the stops and going completely nuts makes perfect sense.

Also, the base design was reworked into a Heavy Transport-Tug (TTH) with dual tow pads.  This right here is the Holy Grail for me, as dual tow pads means more cargo can be hauled across longer distances.  At some point, I’ll go back, take a look what I have and most likely rework things to account for this (will probably ax the smallest/lightest TT).


Aside from that, I came up with an idea a week or so ago about the Badlands.  Way back when I first found my footing and got my formatting/presentation down, one of the first classes I did a writeup on was Loknar and when it came to historical footnotes, I mentioned a ship of the class being the first to discover the Badlands in 2263.  The presence of three M-class planets (as I mentioned in Part IV of my Constitution Class History) would provide great incentive for the fleet to send in exploratory assets, however the presence of gravitational anomalies and violent plasma storms stood in the way.  Given that I also mentioned that an Excelsior class ship was the first and only ship thus far (as of 2287) to feature defenses robust enough to withstand a prolonged expedition inside, the quest to explore/map out/understand the Badlands makes for an intriguing plot device for much of the 23rd Century.

Going one step further, I might refine this general scenario, making that last point a bit more ambiguous to make room for another idea I was thinking of.  With the advent of ‘specialty’ shuttles that were larger or otherwise designed for more exotic purposes, the fleet’s mammoth carriers could finally find some use in the exploratory/scientific arena (though I’m on the fence about whether a shuttle of this era, even highly modified, could survive for a while in among all that volatility).

That does it for now.  Hope everyone has a good weekend.





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