Morning all – hope your weekends have been good!  I was working on my Pyotr Velikiy writeup yesterday and went to look for a bit of info here and found that my Constitution Class History was missing and I still hadn’t posted my Class F shuttle writeup.  So I quick put my Class G/’Voyager’ text into MS Word, got the profile view and specs in there and have decided to put all three up for your perusal.


**Disclaimer** – These are works of pure fiction. As with everything else on my blog, this writing is from my own point of view. I’m working within a universe that is populated by material sourced back to CBS/Paramount Pictures and various other authors, designers and artists. These are not intended to be taken as end-all, be-all guides to these respective craft, merely their histories as I myself see them.  I cherry pick from some sources, ignore others and weave everything together as I see fit.







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