Venturing into the Lost Era……..on TV??

Hello again all…… not sure if it’s bad form to put up an un-related/’general’ post so soon after I came back from the dead so to speak, but I just now stumbled upon some rumors regarding the new ‘Star Trek’ series CBS is putting together and thought them too intriguing to keep to myself.


We May Know When The New Star Trek Series Will Be Set


All of this is far from confirmed, but when you’ve got Brian Fuller & Nicholas Mayer together in the Lost Era (to start off…?) and the format switching from a serial production to possibly an anthology (anyone remember ‘The Lost Era’ novels??), I’d say that’s reason to get excited about Trek on TV again.


These are only rumors though and there’s still the issue of CBS making this a cornerstone of their own online-only portal (which is a great for storytelling, escaping the constraints of network/cable TV, but inconvenient for consumers – making the show and then licensing it for however much to an already established service like Netflix, with its wide viewer base, would’ve been a better move).


Only time will tell though I guess – we still have a long way to go until the first episode.


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