Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated…….

Well what can I say after suddenly vanishing after three months? Not a whole lot. I was feeling burnt out/bored and wanted to devote some time to other things.


No matter though. Writing such as I do here is something I enjoy and something I view as a healthy escape. I slowly started getting back into it this past weekend and hope to make it a regular thing again.


So what am I working on? Well, the same as I was before, getting things together for my big TOS era compilation. I looked and I had finished the Class G/”Voyager” Long Range shuttle right around the first of the year I think. I’ve moved on and started work on the next class on my list that I haven’t previously written about – Pyotr Velikiy. Being a Cruiser (CA), this starts to crowd the field a bit with the assortment of Destroyers and Frigates Starfleet already has or is set to have. I took a look at how it was presented in the Hobbyist’s Guide……. and considered the justification presented there – that Starfleet needed to hedge their bets in case the structural engineering and M/AM powerplant of Constitution failed. That seems plausible……but here, I have Constitution entering service in 2220 and Pyotr Velikiy in 2239 – any kinks or flaws in Constitution’s design would be worked out by 2235 at the absolute latest I think.

An alternative that I’ve been letting percolate in my head here involves issues of politics and strategy. Back when I was writing on Constitution and I delved into the 4YW, I touched on Starfleet’s reticence to send ships like the Enterprise et al. to the front lines – utilizing them strictly in the exploratory and scientific arenas. This was the impetus for the development of Surya and other frigate classes, but I think over the long term, creating another Cruiser class makes sense.

Outfitted in a very balanced sense like Constitution, you would have a ‘hero’ class leading the order of battle during times of conflict (like the 4YW), while also expanding and building on exploratory and scientific capabilities by a significant order of magnitude. Constitution’s capabilities in these areas are already pretty well known. Together with it’s companion Pyotr Velikiy, they form a firm foundation that allows more specialized surveyors like Cahuya and Antares to truly flourish – at least those are my thoughts at the moment.


The Hobbyist’s Guide has been recently updated, though I haven’t had the chance to dig down into it and discover what changes have been made.  Also, Neale Davidson of Jaynz fame reclaimed his ‘’ domain and is going to be redoing his great Jaynz Ships of Star Fleet TOS guides (this group on Facebook is where I gleamed these latest bits).


Once again, it’s great to be back.  Hopefully I haven’t lost too many of my loyal readers, but to whoever sees this – all is most definitely well 🙂


Peace and Long Life

-The Dockmaster


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