To Boldly Go…….

Live Long and Prosper Challenger (OV-099 1/28/1986) and Columbia (OV-102 2/1/2003)………




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Shuttle Notes

Good afternoon all, my Saturday has been abnormally busy and I only got comfortable here at the computer an  hour ago.  Did make quite a big change to my setup though, ditching my old monitor (21.5″ Asus V222H) for a brand new one (27″ Dell S2715H).  If you’re pretty particular, you might bristle at the fact this 27″ only sports 1080p/1920 x 1080 resolution (I’ve read reviews that mention 27″ monitors are often the best with resolutions like 2560 x 1440 or higher).  For me though, I’m not too picky about pixels and my desktop really couldn’t power anything too fancy (with a 512MB Intel HD 3000 integrated GPU), so I figured this will keep me pretty much future-proof as far as displays go.


What I’m working on though is the Class F shuttle.  I’ve got some freelancing to do later this afternoon, but I’m pretty sure I’ll either finish it tonight or tomorrow sometime.  It’s somewhat barebones, but given its basic utilitarian nature, this can be forgiven.  The major issue with this shuttle and small craft of this era overall is power.  “The Galileo Seven” complicated things by making an issue out of the use of fuel as a power source.  Timo Saloniemi’s Hobbyist’s Guide….. doesn’t mention this at all when talking about the Class F, so what I did was begin with the basic explanation regarding the use of bulk fuel and then replaced that with Timo’s ‘ion cascade powerplant’.

As an intermediary development that cuts fuel out of the process all together (at least in my mind….), I figure this is a good step towards the advent of miniaturized M/AM reactors that will accompany the shift to linear warp technology beginning in the 2270’s.    Really though, reading Timo’s descriptions of all the various small ships/craft in Parts II/III of his work (link right here – bookmark it!) makes me wonder about incorporating more later on.  Good inspiration for sure.


Jolan Tru


State of the Fleet 2.0

Happy New Year all!  If you got out and celebrated, I hope you had a good time 🙂  I myself stayed in with some pizza, a few beers and binge-watched some more of “The Wire”.

For 2016, I’ve made my workflow more convenient (not that it’s ever been too complicated….) with Google Docs.  With Microsoft still following a subscription path for mobile versions of their Office products and Apple’s iWork suite still not quite as simple & seamless as I’d like, Google Docs is the logical solution and adds much more utility to both my iPad and iPhone.  When I’m out and about, I can handle most of the writing on one of those devices and leave the addition of graphics and final formatting to Word ’11 at home.

I’ve also cut my PC out of the equation entirely.  The issue affecting my GTA V install seems semi-permanent at this point (judging by what I’ve found on various forums) and has also affected my Max Payne 3 install.  With my two most played titles now rendered inactive by Rockstar’s ineptitude,  I decided to just cut my losses (as gaming was the only thing I did on that for quite some time).  Now, the only change I’m considering is moving to a bigger (27″+) monitor (currently considering Apple’s 27″ Thunderbolt Display).

My office setup aside, I do have an update as promised 🙂


My last one didn’t take into account that the broad overview and the more detailed breakdowns by ship type were part of the same overarching ‘State of the Fleet’, so finishing those breakdowns is what I’ve been working on here for a while.

State of the Fleet 2.0

With that done, I’ve moved on and started filling in the blanks–addressing the classes in my master list from top to bottom.  Currently, I’m working on the Class F Shuttlecraft which is about 75-80% done.  The Daystrom Institute Technical Library gives the class an arbitrary service life of 16 years, however with its utilitarian nature and the lighter use I’d imagine they’d be subject to, I’m going to stretch that out to 25 years.  A retirement date of 2270 then would fit both with the scope of my work here and the rough roadmap for small craft that’s percolating in my head.

After I finish this, I’ll take a quick break to fill out the table of contents and get other formatting set for my compilation so I can start incorporating classes as they’re finished.  So, as long as time permits, it should be smooth sailing.


All The Best for a Happy and Successful 2016