Peace and Long Life

Hey all……..not much new to report unfortunately.  RL has been kicking my butt – things at work have gotten insanely busy and management has been keeping the rank-and-file like me under a microscope (my freelance gig isn’t much better).  Add to that the fact the latest Steam/GTA V update screwed up my whole install on my PC and the fact I’ve been suffering from a creative drought in general and yeah, writing has been a tough endeavor as of late.


That’s not why I’m posting though.  Through Facebook, I’ve come to learn about serious circumstances that have come to afflict Adam “Mojo” Lebowitz.  An unknown medical affliction has been draining him both physically and financially.  He’s got a GoFundMe page set up where you can both read his story and toss a little money his way.  Spread the word and keep him in your thoughts 🙂

Mojo’s Last Wishes

Jolan Tru



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