State of the Fleet 1.0 / Patrol Combatants

Hey all……..I don’t normally post anything during the week, but I was so close to finishing up the introduction of sorts to my compilation–literally, less than a paragraph–that I figured I’d open it up and get it done.  Not only that, the rest of my week here is going to be busy cranking out this month’s freelance work – want to make sure and devote my full time to that so when I wake up at whatever time Saturday and get my coffee going, I can get the formatting and associated formalities (table of contents etc) out of the way and then get to work on the ship themselves.

That said, I wanted to put up my rough draft or, “v1.0” of my intro – the State of the Fleet – that gives the reader an extremely broad/high-level overview of the developments in Starfleet from the end of the Earth-Romulan War (2161), well into the 23rd Century and the TOS era.  I try not to get into too much detail and keep things as simple/vague as possible.  Not only does that make it easy for me, it’s also convenient if and when I have to make edits/modifications which will almost be assured as I move from class to class.

State of the Fleet 1.0

Also, I noticed I neglected to include a few notable classes in the recent listing I put up.  Well…..mainly it was just the Federation class Dreadnought I’m sure we all know, but I spotted the Proxima class BB over on Memory Beta (link here; orthos here and here) and decided to throw that in the mix as well.  Federation was Starfleet’s answer to the Klingon B-1/Jul’Kar…….with phaser weaponry (that I didn’t mention in the above document), they figured this would be more than enough.  However, after looking at Proxima, I decided to slip it in, Starfleet hedging its bets against the infamous battleship construction programs of the IKDF.  The ships I’m talking about come from the old Guide to the Klingon Fleet that I still have  up right here.  Their potential is obvious, however during this period, the Klingons were too slow to act, lacked the necessary technical & engineering knowledge and expertise and eventually succumbed to astro-political realities.  Starfleet didn’t know this though, to them the Klingons were wildly unpredictable still, thus they needed to take every possible precaution–hence, Proxima.

This might change how I approach/re-write certain classes when I get up into the TMP era, but for now, Proxima will be Starfleet’s ‘black project’, resting on the back burner, but ready just in case……


Jolan Tru



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