Modular/Pre-Fab Construction in the 23rd Century

Hey all, still plugging away here.  Was mentioning the Kepler/K-Type station and I had a random thought.  Pouring over images and screen caps of K7, all struck me as rather primitive/utilitarian.  If it weren’t for the conical pieces at the center and top of each of the three ‘hubs’, it would almost make good sense as a pre-fabricated structure of sorts.  So I was thinking, why not make it a ‘pre-fab station’ ??


Here’s my train of thought.  You have the massive Ticonderoga–1,888m in diameter, 2,406m in height (according to Kristian “Reverend” Trigwell) and taking 8.5 yrs to build (according to me).  Sure, they’re obviously capable, but for a Starfleet focused on expansion and having to deal with one or more existential threats, they obviously can’t wait that long .  What they need is a functional command and control facility that could also coordinate the manufacture/storage/distribution/transfer of supplies and serve as a basic ‘beachhead’ of sorts in frontier regions (think ‘island reclamation’ here…..).  Think of this like a massive Lego set.  Each major component–the conical towers with the windows, the long, utilitarian support pylons, the 4 rounded sections (the 3 smaller ones on the ends of the pylon + the 1 larger one) and others–would arrive on station disassembled.  They would be assembled separately and then hard-docked in place.  Once the assembly was complete, life-support systems and basic utilities would be installed, letting further interior proceed unhindered.


Given the overall size of the finished product–450m in diameter, 488m in height and featuring 163 levels *(scaled this relative to my interpretation of the Watchtower/J-Type)–I’ve come up with some rough estimates for construction time……2 weeks give or take for the separate component assembly, another 3 weeks to put them all together and then 2 months to fit out the interior.  Given that this is a station and not a starship, cutting out major components like propulsion and scaling back/down others like weapons, sensors and the like would drastically cut down the construction time I would think and while it might actually take more time to finish out the interior, the station would at least be functional and able to be used (assuming you started with command/control facilities + essential systems).


The only limiting factor as to how many of these you could deploy would be the number of freighters/transport containers available to move all the components–let’s say 2 support squadrons at the minimum (each consisting of 8 TT’s and 4 FG’s), plus 1-2 Light Carriers to carry the requisite workbees and provide defense/overwatch.


I don’t know…….maybe the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet (or maybe I’ve had too much…..)……


Peace and Long Life



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