Class I Lineup

Hey all, as I’m getting close to finishing up the ‘State of the Fleet’ and about ready to dive into overviews by type (Cruiser, Frigate etc, if you’re familiar with the general format of SoTSF), I thought I’d shoot out the list of classes I’m planning to include (my ‘to do list’ going forward).  This is pretty well fixed and I won’t be making any additions.  If anything, I might remove or reclassify certain classes, but that’s unlikely right now.

Also, you’ll notice that I’ve included a number of stations at the end as well…….their inclusion is a tentative idea right now that I’m not sure I’ll stick with (have every one of them except Keppler/K-Type written up)

Aside from that, the only thing to note are some of the oddball classification abbreviations.  The London class has three, denoting its uses as a Troop Transport (TTR), Freighter (FG) and Hospital Ship (AH).  I also put down the Sherman class as an ‘FGD’ for Freighter-Drone befitting its general acceptance as a ‘cargo drone’.  For the Cahuya and Antares (this one) class Surveyors, I turned to wikipedia (link) and put both down as ‘AGS’ denoting them as ‘surveying ships’.

Class  Type/Classification  Introduction
D-17 Attack Fighter 2234
Class F Shuttlecraft 2242
Class G/’Voyager’ Heavy/Long Range Shuttlecraft 2245
Archer CU 2254
Mercury CO 2160
Saladin DD 2224
Larson DD 2240
Burke DD 2245
Kiaga DD 2247
Seawolf GB (DD) 2249
Akula DH 2252
Detroyat DH 2208
Marklin DH 2228
Surya FF 2242
Loknar FF 2242
Coventry FH 2245
Baton Rouge CA 2205
Kearsarge CL 2230
Constitution CH 2220
Pyotr Velikiy CA 2239
Santee CVS 2245
Independence CVL 2236
Victory CV 2218
Yorktown CV 2251
Ptolemy TT 2224
Montojo TTL 2240
Cochrane TC 2242
Dolland TTH 2247
Wasp TA 2246
Aaken TC 2248
Edward TC 2261
London TTR/FG/AH 2261
Independence FG 2229
Sherman FGD 2235
Cahuya AGS 2231
Antares AGS 2245
Hermes ST 2224
Stations *(tentative)
Ticonderoga 2192
Kepler/K-Type 2245
Watchtower/J-Type 2261
Foxtrot/F-Type 2267

Also, it seems fortuitous that I went ahead and removed pretty much all of my material from TNG forward.  I’ve been trying to access longtime resource/file repository BCFiles and finally found my fears confirmed.  From what I’ve been able to gather, FileFront’s sites for games like Bridge Commander, Command & Conquer et al. were designed/built in a rather byzantine fashion and could not be easily upgraded/changed in any way – trying to fix/modify one thing, would break 3 or 4 others.  Finally after so long, they passed the point of no return and their masters took everything off line.  This forum thread spells everything out.  As I’ve mentioned though, with my new ‘enlightened’ philosophy on Starfleet’s evolution combined with the many excellent orthos and schematics already out there from artists and designers such as ‘admiral-horton’, Neale Davidson (Jaynz) and others, there’s really no need for me to go browsing through in-game screenshots for inspiration.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Jolan Tru



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