Rewriting the Future……

Hey all – just wanted to check in again.  After finishing up such a big project, I’ve been in a bit of a drought the past few days, trying to figure out just what I want to tackle next.

One thing I did do though was go back and  delete some of the TNG/DS9/VOY and nearly all of the Future era stuff I did.  Back when I was writing up those designs, I was reading the Destiny series (the novels that got me back into the world of Trek fiction) which perhaps wasn’t the best idea.  The clear and present danger of the Borg and then the existential threat of the Typhon Pact lent themselves to the kind of fanboyish tripe that I wanted to get away from.

Not all of it is bad, some of the ideas still hold a lot of relevance and are still workable–Quantum Slipstream, the Delta and Gamma Quadrant exploration initiatives etc.  It’s the way I implemented them that’s problematic.  Picking up the Hobbyist’s Guide to the UFP Starfleet again and skimming Part IB that gets up into the Lost Era and then the 24th Century as a whole has given me a fresh perspective–especially on stalwart classes such as Galaxy, Nebula and Sovereign.  Re-reading that is on my to-do list.  In the meantime though, I’ve dispensed with the idea of superweapons like ‘Type XV Phasers’, the prominence of organizations like ‘Starfighter Command’ (though I’ll probably still keep that around) and fan-derived, futuristic classes.

That leads into a larger issue then of my site/blog itself.  When I first got this setup and tacked ‘2414’ onto the end of the title, I figured doing so would place me far enough ahead of the Destiny, Typhon Pact and other such novels, giving me room to introduce new classes that could handle the Borg, Typhon Pact and other threats.  While my writing on some isn’t that bad, the premise on and justification for their whole existence is pretty weak at best.

Going back to basics as it were and focusing on rethinking and rewriting the canon classes of the late 24th Century would indeed remove a unifying piece/plot point of my blog, however I would imagine by 2414, both Project Full Circle and Mission Gamma would begin to bear fruit, at least beyond that which the current TrekLit writers have given us *(to be clear, I haven’t read novels from either series – another thing to put on my to-do list I guess).

One thing I’ve done with my tome on Constitution is really touch on designed/intended lifespans.  Going back to the Daystrom Institute Technical Library (a heavily-utilized resource for size and armament figures), speculative lifespans for Excelsior, Galaxy and Sovereign sit at 100, 100 and 120 years respectively.  Throw in classes like Ambassador (120 yrs), Akira (80 yrs) and Nebula (100 yrs) and the issue of fleet-wide recapitalization becomes a moot point.

That’s a long way off though.  Am starting back where I said I would, touching on/revising classes in my ‘compilation’ type format (breaking each class out into its own document/pdf being easier than trying to add it in).   That said, it might be difficult/impossible to edit on my work PC (that uses a different version of MS Office/Word), but hopefully that won’t prove too much of an obstacle.





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