Hey all – has been a rough week on my end.  The aftermath of a car accident I was in last Friday (nailed a deer while exiting the interstate/motorway) together with a bit of drama at work has driven me slightly nutty.  The good news is, I’ve turned to this here as an escape and for all intents and purposes, I’ve finally finished the writing.


The last paragraph is fairly unconventional and might seem like more of a postscript rather than a true conclusion. I mentioned the rise of Ambassador, noted that the ever growing roster of Excelsior, Constellation and Renaissance class ships made the final Constitutions more and more superfluous until they were finally removed from active duty and transferred to the reserves.  Will I follow that up with a final, more fitting conclusion?  I don’t know, at this point most likely not.

What I’ll be doing now is reading this through from beginning to end, proofreading and tightening up the text in places.  Then, I’ll add in the rest of the profile views and specs (which I can only do on my Macs at home in Word ’11) before I get to the big work of the combined annotations/bibliography section (which will be broken down to correspond with each of the 3 ‘parts’ of the history).  Once that’s done, I’ll obviously put it into PDF format and release it here.


To maintain a relatively disciplined approach to things, I want to try and get a revised ‘master list’ of ships together so I know what to include/cover going forward.  Before I do that though, I want to re-read Timo Saloniemi’s excellent Hobbyist’s Guide to the UFP Starfleet.  With an incredibly large scope–covering nearly ever conceivable ship from the ENT era forward–and a writing style that I’ve found rather similar to my own, it’s odd I’ve only paid minimal attention to this.  What I’ve read so far though has me hooked and I would heartily recommend anyone and everyone take a read.

Check it out



More to come soon.


Jolan Tru