I just can’t catch a break here folks, I really can’t……haha  This close to being done with things and another issue has popped up.

This time, it has to deal with the issue of shuttlecraft.  In laying out my explanation for what happened to the fugitive intel analyst Christina Brady, I was trying to decide how to explain her escape (i.e. what kind of craft she escaped in). I briefly thought about the Aladdin or Colin Powell long range shuttles (here and here respectively), but they look too much like the more recognizable Danube to me.  So, I went back to shuttles.  Most of the more widely-known designs weren’t big enough I thought, to support someone who would be living on the lam for an extended period.  Then I  thought about the Gagarin/Greer class cutter (here) which seems amenable to landing on a planet, but which seems impractical for one person to operate.  So I settled on a little known TMP era design.

I first spotted the new, proposed successor to the old TOS Class F/Type III shuttle in “Mr. Scott’s Guide To The Enterprise”.  Shane Johnson never gave it a name, but described the design as one that aimed to free up hangar deck space thanks to use of the fleet’s new standardized docking port system.  Paired with a warp sled, this is what we saw bring Spock back to the Enterprise in ST I.  Memory Beta designates it as the SW7 class (link) and in Vol. 3 of his Star Fleet Reference Manuals, Eric “Jackill” Kristiansen came up with an interesting set of add-on modules just as he did for the Work Bee (link).

With that minor issue settled, I did come across some other interesting designs during my search including……..

Zodiac – a TOS era shuttle/sled pairing (link)

Voyager – the most interesting TOS small craft I’ve come across aside from the D-17, this comes from modeler John Payne (site here).  This would be the perfect heavy/long-range compliment to the Class F/Type III and as evidenced by the one profile view I’ve been able to find, it opens up a range of possibilities/uses.  (link – unfortunately, can’t find any orthos 😦 )


There’s also been a huge update of new stuff over at the Starship Schematic Database (check it out).  I’m at work here and can’t really go through all of them, but I’m sure there are at least a few decent stand-outs.

More to come soon.



Jolan Tru



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