Hey all – don’t like giving away too many details, but because I’m going to be doing some retconning with regards to the events of ST VI, I feel like I should just to make everything clear.


Praxis, while overmined to the hilt, wasn’t destroyed by that and a lack of safety precautions.  An overload in one of its “quantum reactors” is what did it *(read this).  Now, I’m taking that idea and merging it with another one – that of Romulan Ambassador Nanclus actually being an agent of the Tal’Shiar *(read this).

As I have it, the whole entire incident was conceived and engineered by the Tal’Shiar, who used Kriosian terrorists (from ‘The Thorn’) to infiltrate Praxis and either sabotage or plant bombs on the reactors (in the process of ironing that out).  Knowing of Chang’s conservative/traditionalist leanings, “Nanclus” knew he would be amenable to the conspiracy without question, so instead, he contacted Admiral Cartwright and disseminated the details to him.  Cartwright then passed the details along to Chang, Col. West and Lt. Valeris and helped “Nanclus” infiltrate the Federation Diplomatic Corps under the guise of being the Romulan Ambassador to the UFP.  All these details would come out after his arrest, but presumably before his death in 2298 *(read this)

Why involve the Romulans though?  Well, for one thing, it fits an historical trend.  Going back to the days of TOS, they never confronted enemies directly, instead preferring the ways of stealth & subversion as well as playing enemies off one another.  For another, it supports their later aggression in the Foxtrot sector *(read this) and at Narendra III *(read this) to varying degrees.  Finally, it highlights the shift away from the open warfare of the 23rd Century and towards shadowy/asymmetric/limited/hybrid aggression that we would see throughout much of the 24th Century.


(This also makes me wonder what kind of direction FASA would’ve taken had Gene Roddenberry/Paramount not squashed their efforts back in the early days of TNG………)


After the events of ST VI comes the final Constitution class varient – Potempkin.  One of the big things I hope to accomplish with that is straighten out my own confusion regarding advanced nacelle types (Potempkin – LN-70…….Midway CV – LN-80…Carolina BB – LN-90).  I’m still having trouble coming up with 1-2 more events to take the class into the Lost Era though.  Indeed, where Asfar Qatala and/or the Orion Syndicate are concerned, it’s hard to come up with a plot point irregardless of what class I’m writing on.

What I might just do instead, to preserve the class’ peaceful legacy, is use the death of Christopher Pike (which is pegged somewhere prior to 2320…….I’d say somewhere in the 2314-2318 range) and possibly by extension, the redevelopment of Talos IV *(read here) as a smooth ‘swan song’ to close things out.  Then, mention a few bits about future weapons/tech testing and talk about the class in the context of its Renaissance and Ambassador class successors and that’ll be it.  The period from 2335 (removal of all examples from front line service, assigned to Reserves) to 2345 (official retirement) will be covered in a future “Reserve Forces Command” publication, if I can think up some good plot points that is.


After writing all of this here, I realize I got my whole combined TMP era compilation to think about, but I’ve also started to give some thought to cleaning/tightening up my Lost Era stuff, which in turn would hopefully help clean up/streamline everything after that (which I alluded to in my previous post).  All in all, there’s plenty still to do/explore.


Jolan Tru



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