Good morning (or evening) all.  Nothing substantive to report yet…… starting to broach the whole Khitomer Conspiracy topic, but doing it right makes it a bit complicated, not sure how long that will take if RL keeps up the way it has been.

Have an interesting article from one of my defense-related blogs.  It doesn’t have a military/political bent to it, but am sure someone will find it fascinating…… 😉

This Isn’t The Death Star Laser You’re Looking For 


Also, another Trek art/design blog to take a look at would be the Evil Starship Factory.  Currently, the author has a pretty slick looking TOS era Miranda in the works (complete with the ‘terraced’ hull and roll bar).  I went looking the other day for some view of the Constellation class, as I had mentioned that in my writing and came upon an excellent model he made (use the search box in the upper right to find it).


More to come soon hopefully.


Live Long and Prosper



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