Culling the Herd

Hello again all – no big updates to report on my current project, work and freelancing has kept me pretty busy so far this week.  One thing that I have thought about though and that I’ve settled on is ‘culling the heard’ so to speak, removing/taking down a lot of my stuff from the TNG/DS9/VOY and Future eras.


Why?  Well a lot of it is old for one thing.  Early on after I started this blog, I got back into reading Trek novels and the ideas seem to flow too fast for me to properly process.  They sounded good at the time, but don’t really fit with the direction I’m going *(the talerians building super ships being but one example)


Generally, the Trek universe as I see it is one that isn’t necessarily peaceful/utopian nor overly militaristic.  While brainstorming plot points/devices/ideas for my Constitution class project, my views on Starfleet’s evolution have moderated a great deal.  Certain things–like exploration missions in the Delta and Gamma Quadrants for example–would indeed necessitate further R&D investment as would asymmetric issues like terrorism, crime/smuggling and the like.  What I want to do going forward is not rely so much on new ship classes, but instead do more with ones that already exist (Nebula, Sovereign etc).


Does this mean everything will disappear?  Not necessarily.  All I’m doing is starting to think ahead, about what a more ‘mature’ vision of the TNG/DS9/VOY and Future eras would look like/contain/entail.  Don’t be surprised though if, from here on out, you start seeing a broken link or two……….


Jolan Tru



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