Culling the Herd

Hello again all – no big updates to report on my current project, work and freelancing has kept me pretty busy so far this week.  One thing that I have thought about though and that I’ve settled on is ‘culling the heard’ so to speak, removing/taking down a lot of my stuff from the TNG/DS9/VOY and Future eras.


Why?  Well a lot of it is old for one thing.  Early on after I started this blog, I got back into reading Trek novels and the ideas seem to flow too fast for me to properly process.  They sounded good at the time, but don’t really fit with the direction I’m going *(the talerians building super ships being but one example)


Generally, the Trek universe as I see it is one that isn’t necessarily peaceful/utopian nor overly militaristic.  While brainstorming plot points/devices/ideas for my Constitution class project, my views on Starfleet’s evolution have moderated a great deal.  Certain things–like exploration missions in the Delta and Gamma Quadrants for example–would indeed necessitate further R&D investment as would asymmetric issues like terrorism, crime/smuggling and the like.  What I want to do going forward is not rely so much on new ship classes, but instead do more with ones that already exist (Nebula, Sovereign etc).


Does this mean everything will disappear?  Not necessarily.  All I’m doing is starting to think ahead, about what a more ‘mature’ vision of the TNG/DS9/VOY and Future eras would look like/contain/entail.  Don’t be surprised though if, from here on out, you start seeing a broken link or two……….


Jolan Tru



Constitution Class Project Update VII

Hello again, hopefully this finds you well.  It’s been a pretty low-key weekend on my end, the first in a while where I don’t have any outside obligations to worry about.  After much loafing and a little gaming, I did get to writing and managed to finish incorporating the events of ST V.


I don’t know what it is, but writing in the events of a movie seems to take a bit longer for me.  I think it’s because that is more passive, I’m not forced to think as much as I would about events from a novel or my own ideas.  Irregardless, combing through Memory Beta and doing a little cursory research unearthed some more fascinating bits of minutiae.


– General Krell (who may/may not be the same Krell from TOS – “A Private Little War”) was the official who ordered Klaa to Nimbus III.  In the ST V novelization, Klaa is initially puzzled why such a high ranking official would be concerned about a disgraced diplomat (Korrd) on a backwater planet, but it is revealed that Krell’s sister is married to said diplomat.

– Speaking of Korrd, the novel and/or the comic adaptation mention that 2 of his children being killed in a military operation led to his disenchantment with the Empire’s endless aggression.  After voicing thoughts/opinions that ran counter to this, he was banished to Nimbus III (but apparently still retained his rank of General).  Also, in the novelization of ST VI, he is mentioned as accompanying Gorkon on his ill-fated peace mission aboard Kronos One (which would be some good supporting evidence for those who wish to believe the Klingon translator was actually Klaa).


Going back to the ST V novelization/comic, Sybok is given a surprisingly detailed backstory.  It’s too long for me to get into here, so I’ll just leave you with this link from Memory Beta

The same novelization/comic and the TNG novel “Q-Strike” do much the same for the ‘God’ entity – again, it’s too long/complicated, so will just leave you with a link


Since I’ve hit a bit of a downhill stride as it were, I’ll wait and add in the requisite profile views/specs until I’m completely finished (beyond the events of ST VI, still haven’t gotten any concrete ideas in place).  I also want to combine my annotations/bibliography and break them out by section (Part I, II, III etc).  Hopefully this will make it easier both for me and for you, the reader.


Aside from this, you might check out Starstation Computer Art (link) as well as the TrekLit blog (link) – both have received some pretty good updates.  Thanks for continuing to hang in there 🙂


Jolan Tru