Bits of Minutiae

Hello again all.  I briefly debated mentioning these few random bits in my last post following my mention of James Horner’s passing, but I decided it would be better to save them for a separate post.


First off, I finally finished writing in the events surrounding the recovery of the Republic.  Then, I suddenly remembered I forgot to write in the events of ST V.  Going back and checking Memory Beta and then my usual stardate calculator (link here), I found the given stardate–8454.1–falls not in 2287, but 2286 (20 September 2286 precisely).  So what I’ll probably do is insert that in between my description of the Enterprise II upgrades and the various goings on with the Klingons.  One interesting thing to note though would be the description of Sybok’s “God”, actually a malevolent entity that was partly responsible for the destruction of the Tkon Empire and later banished behind the Great Barrier by the Q Continuum (Memory Beta link).


Jumping ahead, I researched the Kriosian terrorist group known as ‘The Thorn’ (mentioned only in this novel) and let that ruminate for a bit.  Simply put, they were a disaffected group opposed to the Klingon occupation of their world and who sought to incite conflict between the Klingons and Federation (in the hopes that Starfleet would eventually liberate their world).  Their efforts in sabotaging the the Khitomer accords by using isolytic WMDs (see the aforementioned novel) proving unsuccessful, it seems only logical that they would continue trying.

My idea, which is still taking shape, involves that rouge Starfleet intelligence analyst I mentioned at the beginning of Part III (responsible for the ‘Cammel IV revelations’).  Sympathetic to the Kriosians, she’ll commit even more grievous acts of treason in the belief that the liberation of their entire world is worth some “isolated sacrifices” (again, still haven’t figured out what these will be).  Here, this will make for a good catalyst for the inception of the ‘Odyssey Dawn’ anti-piracy/counter-terrorism exercises.  I also want to get Asfar Qatala and possibly the Orion Syndicate involved somehow as well.

Also, as far as Potemkin is concerned, I’m toying with the idea for testing out some prototype weapons/systems more befitting this unfolding era of asymmetric threats.


Stay tuned.



3 responses to “Bits of Minutiae

  1. Well I maybe throwing a wrench into ur plan on the Constitution Class
    I have found some new Constitution Class models and will be posting the orthos on my devianart page

  2. Everything’s still good. I downloaded all the current orthos a while ago. Are you planning on taking them down?

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