Hospital/Medical Ships………

Hey all – hope this update finds you well.


Am writing my way through the events of ST:IV and am currently hung up over a trivial point.  According to both Memory Alpha and Memory Beta, in addition to the Saratoga and the Yorktown, the USS Shepard was also disabled (link here).  Given that it’s mentioned the Shepard was carrying samples of the ‘Vegan-D virus’ in bio-sterilization capsules, I had it in my mind to make it a hospital ship (AH) or medical frigate (FM).

However, there is a relative lack of hospital/medical ship designs out there, let alone ones that would fit in this specific time period.  Some fandom sources mention the existence of a Knox sub-class known as ‘Hippocrates’ that would work as a medical frigate, though it would ultimately be more satisfying to me to have at least one purpose-built class in existence.

While I ponder my options here, have a look at the various medical/hospital ships designs I’ve found (TOS/TMP only)……


Hobby class Medical Transport

Consolation class Hospital Ship

Unknown  *(this is starting to grow on me…..)

Barton class Hospital Ship *(another favorite – wish I could find orthos of this author’s stuff…….)

Angueira class Hospital Ship


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