Initially, I was going to make this another Constitution class project update, but having just done one not too long ago, I think I’ll probably wait until I have Part III done (should be soon).

What I wanted to bring up was an Abbe (DH) class variant.  Keeping in mind my effort to give lesser-known classes a bit more exposure, I went back and altered my description of the ‘Kargon Incident’ aftermath.  Initially, following the destruction of the Kongo, Halk and Rome, I had the Lexington (CH 1703) set off with two ‘Light Carriers’ to hunt down and destroy the IKS Marauder (Captain Kargon’s D-18).

Now though, I’ve gone back and upped the ante on both sides.  The Lexington will be supported by an Akula II and 2 Abbe class ships – one std, with the torpedo pod and another with a large ‘SWACS’ type sensor dome.  The aforementioned light carriers (‘CVL’ in my system) will be retained as well (would be nice if I could find an SWACS-type shuttle to fill them out).

Abbe class DH (std)

Abbe class DH (SWACS)

Akula II class DD (for reference)

Like its TOS/’Class I era’ progenitor, I intend to keep Akula II positioned as an electronic warfare ship (which makes sense given the number of destroyer and frigate types that I want to include, need some way to differentiate them).  For Abbe, I think the easiest way to go would be to alter the original text I wrote for that and add in a mention of this variant (perhaps as an experiment of some sort?).


Oh and just because I feel random, I’ll go ahead and mention the classification system I have for carriers…….

Shuttlecarrier (CVS; I have ‘CS’ for Strike Cruisers) – Up to 12 craft/1 Squadron

Light Carrier (CVL) – Up to 36 craft/1 Group

Carrier (CV) – Up to 72 craft/1 Wing

When I finish up this project and start putting together a working list of ship classes for my TMP/‘Linear Warp Era’ guide, I’ll more than likely devote some time to listing out all the classifications I’ll use along with some working definitions (maybe) and breakdowns/numbers for fleets, task forces etc so stay tuned.



Jolan Tru



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