Constitution Class Project Update III

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This update finds me closing out the 2270s.  Everything regarding the Romulan Civil War is tied up nicely and I’ve whipped up a quick Starfleet Order of Battle here for you.  Dauntless will remain a Pyotr Veliky class Cruiser (CA), but according to Memory Beta, the specific classes for Hemalat, Nimrod, Al-Burak, Kilamanjaro, San Diego, Lake Ponchatrain and Lake Onondoga aren’t mentioned, so I took some creative liberty and filled in the blanks with classes that haven’t had that much exposure.  Also, per that wiki, the Ortisei is mentioned as being an Enterprise class CH (would make sense that a flag officer would choose a starship from the most advanced class as his command), but I elected to change that to Constitution II (again, trying to spread the exposure out a bit).

Romulan Civil War – Starfleet Order of Battle

As for the Akula II class, ‘admiral-horton’ has two TMP incarnations of that featured – I’m electing to go with this one, based on the model found here.


There are three main events/topics that will take us from the 2270s into the 80’s.

1) An uptick in Orion Syndicate activity (2274)

Here, I’m making use of the FASA supplement Old Soldiers Never Die (1986).  Written by John Theisen and based on a concept by Guy McLimore Jr, it involves the theft of a Romulan Starship (captured during the Earth-Romulan war) from the Starfleet Museum at Memory Alpha by the Orions.  Though I mentioned two of the characters, I’ve cut out most of the details, only mentioning the ship, it’s theft and the pursuit/final battle (involving the USS Lexington) at ‘Omicron Aurigae’ (this location might change……)

The way I see it, the merchant-prince Ganz and his devious activities in the Vanguard series set the stage for not only an expansion of all sorts of illicit activities, but also an escalation in terms of the risks the Orions were willing to deal with.  This makes things like hijacking/spacejacking more plausible.


2) The inception of the Excelsior class Development Project (2274)

Launched in 2285 as is commonly known, I’m going back and pushing the beginning of Excelsior’s development to 2276.  Given the complexities of transwarp drive this makes sense.  I’ve also reviewed some of my material from Richard Mandel *(see below) and also incorporated the idea of Excelsior being a response to the Klingon K’herr class DN (though I’ve shifted the dates around slightly).


3) Completion of the second Starbase 47-Vanguard (2276)

Given the significance of the events that took place in the Taurus Reach and surrounding region, it was a foregone conclusion that Starfleet would construct a replacement station.  Referring back to the post immediately preceding this one, I mentioned that I was thinking of adding another, smaller space station design to compliment the larger ‘Spacedock’ we’re all familiar with.  Well, after some thinking I’ve decided to go with that idea, making the next Vanguard (as well as Starbase 39-Sierra)  a Lotus (or Lotus Flower) type station.  Tying all that into my evolving history of the Constitution class is the Merrimac (CH 1715) assigned as a covert/special-ops support ship (this second Vanguard remaining a hub for the covert, classified and secretive – a major base of operations for Starfleet Intelligence/possibly Section 31).


*As a bonus, I’ve decided to include a link to a revised edition of Mandel’s Federation Spaceflight Chronology.  This is a ‘compilation version’ that combines everything from the 12 individual editions into one, with differences here and there……information possibly condensed/left out.  I’ve only skimmed it so far, so I’m not certain how many of the images & such are carried over.  With that said, consider yourselves forewarned that this can disappear at any time should I receive a complaint or request……..

Federation Spaceflight Chronology, First Revised Edition (Compilation Version)


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  1. Ahh ok I wasnt sure if he had updated that book and put it up on 4shared that link still works 🙂

    Thank you for all the work you do preserving this info on Starships for the fandom 🙂

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