‘Star Wars’……..lives?

Happy Friday all!   The RL business I alluded to before is quickly subsiding, freeing up time to get back to work on other stuff.  Am currently fleshing out the ‘Romulan Civil War’  and trying to plot out the rest of the 2270s.  Also considering working in a new/another Space Station Design that I’ll get to here in a moment……..

Previously though, I mentioned that as part of my morning routine, I check out a number of military/aviation/political-related blogs and found an interesting space-related article on one of them. Well, I found another interesting article from a different blog – War Is Boring.  Now for those of you old enough to remember, particularly in the US, back in the early 80’s, Ronald Reagan proposed something called the ‘Strategic Defense Initiative’ – more popularly known as ‘Star Wars’ – that aimed to use ground and space-based systems to protect against the threat of nuclear ballistic missiles.

The article I stumbled upon takes a current look at the situation in space, how it’s expanded from the purely ‘red-vs-blue’ dichotomy of the Cold War and offers a pragmatic take on it.

Space is no longer a relatively simple war game analysis of red versus blue, and no longer purely the domain of the national security community.  

Increased strategic instability in space, and the adoption of policies or strategies that aggravate instability instead of reduce it, put the world in a dangerous situation that could compromise our continued ability to use space.

It is in the best interests of all to pursue a strategy that will lead to greater stability and and sustainability in space.”

The End of Sanctuary In Space

Along with that is an article in Breaking Defense describing the concept of ‘distributed lethality’ whereby a naval force would arm all of its ships, not just surface combatants, in order to present a more asymmetric threat to any potential adversary.

If It Floats, It Fights

*(One could kind of tie this in with TOS/TMP era ship development – esp. for the Klingons……..)


Now regarding space stations, that’s something of a tangent.  I’ve been doing some thinking overall and as this project of mine is pretty much the beginning of a more extensive revision process, I thought I’d take another look at the role space stations play within my own little universe.  What prompted that was another look back at a series of renders on a favorite blog, Starstation Computer Art (the artist is also on DeviantART right here)

I’ve thrown this blog out there a few times before, but I’m not quite sure whether I’ve ever explicitly mentioned Star Station India.  The name itself was used in a TNG episode (“Unnatural Selection”), but I seem to recall seeing it used in one of the Ships of the Star Fleet volumes.

Anyhow, this station (an original, incorporating design elements from different sources) is arguably one of the most detailed I’ve come across.  The main blog page for it is right here, but a more complete collection of shots can be found right here (all posts that are tagged with ‘Starstation India’).  Looking back at those and examining the marvelous level of detail, I’m thinking might there be room for an ‘Ournal’ or ‘Spacedock’ alternative out there??  You could have those massive spacedocks (and their even bigger TNG era offshoots) serve as major hubs here and there while something like this would be a more sensibly sized replacement for either the Kepler/K-Type station or the bigger/intermediate-sized Watchtower/J-Type station from Vanguardthat could be constructed/deployed in a fraction of the time, more suitable for the outer rim/frontier regions.

In the interests of keeping things simple and streamlined, this is something I’m considering.

Live Long and Prosper


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