Bonaventure or Pyotr Velikiy??

Hey all, the RL time issues I alluded to in my last post subsided rather quickly and I have set to work yet again.  However, in covering the Romulan Civil War (from Diane Duane’s Rihannsu novels), I ran into a bit of a snag.

The Civil War itself is actually comprised of only 4 engagements:

-An initial ambush at RV Trianguli along the Neutral Zone

-Battle of Artaleirh

-Battle of Augo

-Battle of ch’Rihan (Romulus)

Admiral Kirk and the Enterprise are main characters and are present at the first engagement, operating as normal under the full authority of Starfleet and the Federation.  In the aftermath and leading up to the second engagement, owing to ‘exceptionally high subspace interference’ and rapidly rising astro-political volatility, Kirk and Enterprise are now in somewhat of a ‘grey zone’.  Starfleet Command initially ponders punishing Kirk for overstepping his bounds, but finally settles on sending a flotilla to extricate him–and by extension, the Federation–from the Romulans’ own mess.  This flotilla plays a pivotal role in the third engagement and is comprised of 9 or 10 ships.  Now, in my continuing effort to keep details and descriptions straight, I’m making a list of all ships involved across the entire conflict.

My problem comes with the mention of the USS Dauntless.  It’s never explicitly mentioned in text (The Empty Chair to be precise), but Memory Beta (the ‘expanded universe’ wiki) lists this ship as being of the Pyotr Velikiy class (also implying that it is the same Dauntless that Diego Reyes of Vanguard fame, previously commanded).

Pyotr Velikiy is an original design from Masao Okazaki’s Starfleet Museum (check it out here).  Unique, but not outlandish, it’s a solid, sensible design in my eyes.

However, there is also the Bonaventure class.  Designed by “Meni” (VFX artist Aristomenis Tsirbas) and featured in the 2006 Ships of the Line calendar, it’s rather similar in design (aside from the saucer/primary hull and exact nacelle placement – check out this render).

Nowhere, aside from Memory Beta, is Dauntless‘ class name mentioned, which leaves me with 3 possibilities

1) I could leave it as a Pyotr Velikiy class ship (and thus, make it the same Dauntless Diego Reyes commanded)

2) I could establish it as a member of the Bonaventure class

3) I could establish it as a member of an existing Linear Warp/TMP era class (of which I’ve described many)


Right now, it could go either way.  I’ve gone back and looked at many of the TMP era designs I’ve already written up and 2275, 2277 or dates in between/later are common as far as class introductions go – leaving room for a TOS era design like Pyotr Velikiy or Bonaventure.  However, as this work is in large part, the foundation for more definitive, all-encompassing TOS and TMP era compilations, classes I either haven’t done yet (such as Akula II/Apollo) or have received scant mention thus far (such as Okinawa) could easily fit the bill.  This might take some time to straighten out…….


Live Long and Prosper



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