Mancharan Starhopper?

Hey all – just another random post this time.  I can only go so long writing, before I need to take a break.  When I do, I’ll do any number of things.  Today that’s meant picking up “Harbinger” and revisiting the Vanguard saga yet again.  Randomly, I decided to do a Google image search for a ‘mancharan starhopper’, that being the personal transport of the irascible Cervantes Quinn.

Not a whole lot came up, but up at the top, the third result was quite compelling, displaying an image of a ‘Valakian Sublight Ship‘.  The Valakians were one of many ‘aliens of the week’ from ENT and the ship itself was a reworking of another alien of the week model from VOY. *(as revealed at Ex-Astris-Scientia)

From the description presented in the novel, it seems that the VOY model, as Kes’ Shuttle, is the closest one can come to Quinn’s ship, the Rocinante.

Possibility #1 


However, the reworked, Valakian version appears to be a bit larger and more streamlined/sophisticated, while still being a viable possibility.

Possibility #2


Finally, just because I feel like it, I’ll throw in this model from Demon Renegade Studios.  Nicknamed ‘Haze III’, this design is a generic/pirate starfighter.  Even though this is the only view available, it still looks rather small to be a tramp freighter, but I suppose using a little imagination and/or some upscaling, it could still work.

Possibility #3


Which one will I end up choosing (whenever  I finish what I’m currently working on……..) ??  Who knows.  All three though work well as civilian vessels for people like Quinn (Trek’s rougher, scruffier version of Han Solo) – much more so than the various FASA or other fan-based designs I’ve stumbled upon……..




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