Hey all, as promised here is my next update.

As far as I can tell, Yorktown is an original design whipped up for the Star Trek: Legacy video game.  It’s a shame the game didn’t turn out as well as other related titles (like Bridge Commander for instance), as Yorktown shares the stage with an incredible plethora of other Federation, Klingon and Romulan starships that span all eras and (in the case of the Klingons & Romulans) originate from the famed FASA RPG.  Like some others, its a design that’s taken a while to grow on me, but in creating a history, I’ve managed to tie up the ‘loose ends’ created by the mishmash of starship designs in service just prior to TOS and in my big Constitution Class History project, I explain just a little more, how this influence carries forward.  Also, due to the way I’ve written it, Yorktown usurps Baton Rouge as the most powerful pre-TOS ship and so I’ve gone back and made some very minor revisions to the latter’s text (though I thought I would have to do more).


Yorktown class Battleship

Baton Rouge 2.0



Live Long and Prosper



A 45,000-ship fleet?

Hey all – am finishing up my piece on the Yorktown class BB.  Since it is sort of intertwined with the Baton Rouge, I may or may not go back to revise that one before my next posting.  Either way, I’m hoping to get something up for your consumption this weekend.  In the meantime, since the files to be finished/edited are on my desktop at home, I’ve started getting my thoughts & ideas organized for my Constitution class History project.  Of the plethora of Constitution class orthos ‘admiral-horton’ has done over at DeviantART, I can safely say that at least half of them will get mention, if not as one of the production models, then as prototypes (of which there are 2-3 excellent ones).


This little mini-update though concerns an interesting find I ran across.  Canon Fodder is an excellent site, affiliated with Ex-Astris-Scientia, that attempts to address a number of continuity issues within the (canon) Star Trek universe.  An issue that is oft discussed and quite vexing is the size of Starfleet.  This particular article I read attempts to provide at least a rough ‘guestimate’ by examining evidence from TNG , DS9, VOY (“Endgame”) and First Contact.  It also raises the issue of starship registry (NCC) numbers, postulating that the size of the fleet may or may not have something to do with the rise in registry numbers (i.e. ‘1700’ vs ‘73400’ etc).

It also examines the issue of just how many people/beings make up the Federation, though the conclusion he draws there with regards to the fleet’s size is totally improbable.

Ultimately though, given the on-screen evidence and potential size/population of the Federation, the author logically concludes that Starfleet is a sizable organization with a vast fleet.  Given the size/depth of Starfleet as an organization and the amount of territory claimed by the Federation (which only grows larger when you step into the non-canon/’fanon’ realms and start getting into various novels, fan fiction etc that is out there), an average of 45K ships doesn’t seem that improbable.

Give the article a read and decide for yourselves 🙂

The Size of Starfleet



Live Long and Prosper