Romulan Re-Write

Hello all, am back again with a ‘triple-update’ that’s been a long time in the making.  I had jump-started work on one Romulan design, when about halfway through, I had an ‘epiphany’ of sorts regarding another, related Romulan design and decided to quick pound that out.  One thing led to another though, I got busy here with RL stuff and even though I eventually finished both Romulan ships, I never had time to post them.  Then, bam, I forget my trusty little USB stick when I go to work (if I have any quick ideas or bursts of inspiration I get them down in a Word doc and save it to this, which I keep on my keychain) and so I decide to start publication # 3 – a successor to those old (and apparently brittle) Earth Outpost Stations.

In between I’ve been so busy with work and other RL obligations, I just haven’t had the time to throw em up.


My thoughts though in regards to the Romulan fleet really matured the more I worked on both ships though.  I have a proper TMP era successor to the old, iconic Bird of Prey to fill the scout/destroyer role, a similarly sized and quite aesthetically pleasing design to fill the cruiser bracket and then I have one more design in mind to fit in between this and the Imperial Hawk class Battleship.   Not seeking direct conflict with the Federation or other powers, the Romulans would not then need a large, expansive Navy.  That’s why I’ve restrained my ambition with regards to their ships and kept them at just one per size bracket if you will.


V-9/Nighthawk class Scout

Swiftwind class Heavy Cruiser


Also, I have as I said, a replacement for those old asteroid-based Neutral Zone Outposts.  As with the Bird of Prey, one cannot reasonably expect such an antiquated design to remain in service indefinitely.  Going further, keeping such a design in service after obvious tactical deficiencies is foolhardy in the extreme.  So, I took a design I knew of, slapped on a name I got out of a Lost Era novel and set to work.  I envisioned it as being easy at first, with a relatively short lifespan, being decommissioned sometime prior to TNG.  However………I couldn’t stop writing.  For whatever reason, I just kept going and going with it, all the way up to 2387 when the Hobus supernova destroyed Romulus and pretty much every plausible reason Starfleet could have for keeping the outposts in operation.

Foxtrot Series Outposts


From then until now, ‘admiral-horton’ has still kept at it on DeviantART and good god, has there ever been a better trove of stuff to stoke one’s creative juices.

In addition to a rendition of the Antares class (which I mentioned in a previous post), there’s a plethora of others that stand out, including………

-the Hippocrates class (TMP era Hospital Ship)

-the Leif Ericcson/MacArthur classes (pre-ENT era ships that I think I briefly mentioned as the ‘DY-X’ class in my Daedalus writeup)

-at least half a dozen Constitution/Enterprise class variants, including one right here that is extremely similar to this design and would make a good stepping stone from the ‘Phase II’ design to the commonly accepted one of the TMP era

-the three principal variants of the Miranda class, Soyuz, Saratoga and Lantree.  (the Lantree one has been percolating in my head for a while.  It, as the ‘Knox’ class, would make a good TMP era upgrade of the old Surya class Frigate, even though the original Knox design features a pair of pulse phasers)

-A late TNG/DS9/VOY era update to the Ambassador class (the ‘Republic’ sub-type) that seems to bring it more in line with Galaxy, Sovereign and other principal cruiser classes.  *(For a RL comparison, this is to Ambassador, what the Block 60/61 variant is to the F-16 Falcon)

-the Yorktown class (ENT/’Baton Rouge’ era Battleship.   Have never really given this old battlewagon much thought, but am starting to look at it as a companion to the Victory class Dreadnought/Carrier.   For another RL comparison, this is to the ‘Iowa’ class BB what the Victory is to the old Lexington class CV)


No matter which of these I do next, or if I venture off in an entirely different direction, I have a feeling that substantial revisions to some of my existing work will be in order.

Jolan Tru