“…..their call letters check with a survey expedition….’S.S. Columbia’…”

Hey all – wanted to share some thoughts that have started percolating in my head.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently got my hands on the Blu-Ray (1080p) version of Remastered TOS.  Well, yesterday I watched “The Cage” in it’s fully restored glory and today I got to thinking about the ship that crash landed on Talos IV, the S.S. Columbia.

Aside from the fact that it was a surveyor that set out to explore the Talos star system (or ‘star group’), there’s been nothing else written about it.  The TOS novel “Burning Dreams” touches on a lot of the surrounding events, but mentions nothing of the Columbia.

So, I’ve found myself two candidates for the ship and a possible future publication.

Antares class (by Reverend)

The subject of the ‘Antares class’ has got to be one of the biggest continuity C.F’s in the entire Trek canon.  From a strictly canon perspective, Ex-Astris-Scientia has an excellent article that delves into the issue (check it out here).  The Antares class I found on the other hand, comes from the Advanced Starship Design Bureau, an EAS affiliate that’s taken it upon themselves to postulate what a handful of obscure TNG era ships would look like.

I’ve personally done publications or otherwise included about 6 of these: Merced, Istanbul, Renaissance, Korolev, Deneva and Mediterranean.  Noted artist/designer Kristian “Reverend” Trigwell came up with the final Antares design presented which is suitably TOS-looking, but further on down where other misc. images are displayed, is a version of his design that looks a bit older, with the ‘spikey nacelles’ and all.  *(there’s even a TMP version of the design too which is equally intriguing).

Given the time when Columbia disappeared/crashed – approx. 2236 – and my own vision/what I have written about the TOS era in general, this design could work (visuals coming not from here, but from a Bridge Commander model I found).


Canopus class (by ‘Irishman’)

The other possibility is the Canopus class.  Despite the name being used for a scout ship from FASA, this design that I found at the Starship Schematic Database is completely different.  The design is heavily based off the NX class, but the primary hull is more globular and smaller in circumference.

Aesthetically, it looks older than Reverend’s Antares, though still fitting in well with other TOS era designs and would seem to be a better fit for Columbia, but my verdict is still out.

Hopefully by the time I finish this one Romulan design I’m writing up, I’ll have decided, but for now I’ll leave the possibilities to you all.



Live Long and Prosper