Long Live the Empire!

Hello all, am finally back.  Have been in a bit of a funk lately…………..a combination of RL minutiae, lack of motivation and a slightly renewed interest in gaming (GTA: San Andreas primarily) has had me quite occupied lately.  Downtime at work though has afforded me a bit of time to get some writing done as the ideas have come.  Normally I just do one ship at a time, very rarely do I do multiple like this.  What happened though is I copied my entire ‘web’ folder (containing all the word files, images, reference PDFs etc) onto a USB stick, but forgot to put it back on my keychain before I left for work one morning.  So once I was there, I switched tracks, starting another ship and using Dropbox to move it back and forth.  I use Office ’11 for Mac at home while my PC at work is loaded with Office ’13 though.  Since Office ’13 decouples ‘Publisher’ from Word, incorporating the images & text boxes is way more trouble there than I care to deal with, so I just leave that as a home-only task.

Another bonus lately, has been my acquisition of TOS Remastered on Blu Ray.  I have both the original ’60s cut of the series and also an initial Remastered version, but its been so long, I can’t remember what format I got it in (HD-DVD?) as I mainly watch the episodes on my computer.  A sharper picture enhances the remastered visuals and sound has been improved a bit too – in certain instances, like when a ship maneuvers in space or the red alert klaxon goes off, those ambient noises appear to have been highly improved if not replaced altogether.  Great stuff.


Anyhow, to the updates for today!  If you couldn’t tell by the title, this is a Klingon-centric update featuring the B-1 and F-5 classes.

B-1/Jul’Kar class Battleship

F-5/Kuve class Frigate

*(for reference)

Guide to the Klingon Fleet

F-5 in particular is unique in that I covered the class both in its TOS and TMP incarnations (my annotations at the end explain why).  Once again, orthos from ‘Admiral Horton’ make an appearance and as always, the quality is top notch.  He’s also showed no signs of letting up himself – his gallery at DeviantART (check it out here) featuring a number of unique updates over the past week or two.  Of interest to me are both the D-6 (look closely with the D-7 side by side and see if you can spot the differences) and the Marshall classes (this one coming from the old Spaceflight Chronology published back in the early 80’s, that no one has dared to touch).  Other recent updates also include three Miranda class variants and more unique ones including the Albion (TOS) and Proxima (TMP) classes.  Go pay him a visit!


Also, am not sure whether I’ve mentioned this yet, but I figured I would, if only because it has played a part with this update.  Back in the day, after Starfleet Command was released on the PC and the modding scene exploded, one thing you might have seen a bit of (provided you looked hard enough) was the wider dissemination of designs from the Star Fleet Battles universe (the RPG the game was loosely based on).  A prolific, well-known modder/artist by the handle of ‘Atrahasis’ released a plethora of ortho sheets, some with brief descriptions on them.  After a few years, they disappeared from the net, but recently, someone went to the effort of uploading them to photobucket and disseminating them throughout the fandom community.  Check them out here


I also came across a bit of interesting trivia while watching “The Trouble With Tribbles” the other day.  Was randomly browsing through the Memory Beta wiki and eventually stumbled onto the page for Arne Darvin.  Apparently, an old TOS comic (“Beneath The Skin”) gave him a detailed backstory and in reading the description/checking out a few pictures, I kind of feel sorry for him in retrospect.  Check it out.