More Finds…….

Hey all, am in the middle of working on a TOS era Klingon design right now, but just wanted to drop by in the meantime and share some interesting finds I’ve come across.


Mars Shipyards Starship Design

The home of DeviantART artist SR71ABCD, there are some interesting designs from the Future and TMP eras mainly, with a few TOS era designs and even some ‘nuTrek’ or ‘JJ-era’ designs as well.


Abbe Class (Kelso Subtype)

I can’t remember where I first read it (perhaps in one of the old ‘Jackill’ tech manuals?), but somehow, somewhere, something was written about the Abbe class being modular in nature (like Nebula), able to equip a number of specialized pods aside from the standard 8-tube torpedo pod that’s the most commonly seen.  This one right here is of the ‘Kelso’ subtype, fitted with an AWACS-style sensor pod, rendered by Admiral Horton.  (Raises interesting TMP possibilities)


Pyotr Velikiy class

Once again, I’ve found myself reading through the “Vanguard” series and in browsing through related entries on the Memory Beta wiki, I came across one on the Pyotr Velikiy class.  Designed by Masao Okazaki (who also designed the Watchtower and Archer classes), this is listed as being the class the USS Dauntless (former command of Diego Reyes) belonged to.  Intrigued, a quick google image search turned up no useful orthos or other images aside from those that are on Masao’s site (the Starfleet Museum).  His site though does present a detailed history for the class which makes for fascinating reading.


2 responses to “More Finds…….

  1. I hope the E-4 and F-5 was what u were looking for
    If not I don’t know of any meshes of any of those early Klingon ships.
    I do have a few more that may help u
    I will try and get those up soon

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