Time for a Check In

Hey all, have been feeling kind of guilty here for not updating in quite a while, so I thought I’d pop in and let everyone know how it’s going.

Recently, I lost my job (again!) and for two weeks, was unemployed and not quite in the mood to work on anything,  Within the past week here, I managed to snag something and so that has been rectified luckily.

As far as news on the ‘TrekTech’ front, the biggest piece of news has to do with the venerable Federation Spaceflight Chronology works.  People who’ve been here before know that I’ve leaned very heavily upon these works (by Richard Mandel) when doing a lot of my TOS and TMP era writing.  Recently though, within the past couple weeks, those works and the site that hosted them, went offline.  Why??  I don’t know.  I’ve done random Google searches here and there and as of today, there is still no place else to view/download these.  I’m loathed to get myself in any hot water, so I will refrain from putting these up on my blog here.


In scrounging around on DeviantART and WordPress though, there are updates from several other places I would definitely recommend checking out.

Admiral Horton

This DA artist, one of my ‘go-to’ sources for hard-to-find orthos, has kept up a steady stream of work, doing far too much for me to mention.  Get updated by checking out his gallery




Another great DA gallery, this artist has produced some truly stunning pieces of art…..sticking mostly to TOS, but also delving into TNG/DS9/VOY here and there.  Would make great wallpapers/screensavers among other things.  Check him out




Same as the above, only with a more TNG/DS9/VOY era focus.




This DA artist has done orthos/datasheets, general art and more, covering a wide variety of spacecraft from one end of SciFi to the other.



Starstation Computer Art

I’ve mentioned this blog before, but given the amount of work done since my last mention (I don’t know HOW LONG ago……), it definitely deserves another plug.  Sticking to TMP for the most part, you will find some incredibly detailed interior and exterior renders of many well known and some lesser known classes/types.  A must visit.



Evil Starship Factory

This blog is the home base of a talented modeler who, like the above, I have not kept up on as well as I would like.



All in all, there should be enough here to occupy your time for quite a while.  Hopefully for some, the images might even light a creative spark…….. 😉



Jolan Tru



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