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Hello there all.  As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t often do ‘placeholder’ posts – except on the rare occasion that I run across some great artists/designers/writers who’s work I use as a reference.   This is one of those times (lucky for you all 😉 )

First, a shout-out for DeviantART’s ‘admiral-horton’.  The artist/designer who did the visual depiction of the Missouri class in my recent ‘X-Ships’ publication, his gallery is small, but filled with some great 3D orthos and scenes.  *(His take on the Yamato class Battleship is hands down, the best able to be found on the net)


Second, Timo Saloniemi’s Hobbyist’s Guide to the UFP Starfleet and its History.  I can’t remember where I acquired versions of this in .doc format, but they’ve been sitting in my reference archive for a while.  I revisited Vol. 11 of Richard Mandel’s Federation Spaceflight Chronology to help develop the background/’State of the Fleet’ section for my TMP compilation and he mentioned some stuff that Timo had written, so I decided to go give that guide another look.

What else can I say except it is a huge chunk of work.  It covers work from all the usual RPG sources (FASA, SFB etc) as well as games (Starfleet Command, Klingon Academy etc) and of course, provides another take on traditional canon material as well.  I’ve only skimmed over it briefly thus far, but the writing/content is solid and seems like it would be a worthy addition to your reference library.  You can find it on Google Docs in 3 parts – as it says, it’s an in-progress work and I’m not quite sure whether there’s a more current version out there or not – just wanted to get this out so everyone can check it out.

Check it out here


And finally, a bit of history regarding the Kzinti – the fearsome felinoids who’ve given humanity so much trouble.  Early on in my writing, I got them confused a bit with the ‘Mirak’ from the Starfleet Command series of PC games, but from what I’ve been able to find out – the Kzinti and Mirak were supposed to be one and the same.  However the creators of Starfleet Command ran into licensing/legal issues and so ‘Kzinti’ became ‘Mirak’.  Going a bit further, also in the same series of games you have the ‘Lyrans’ – another felinoid race.  Supposedly they are distantly related somehow to the Kzinti/Mirak, but information on them is sparse at best.  About the only other detail I can find is that they don’t really get along too well with the Kzin……

Kzinti Background at Memory Alpha

Lyran Entry at Memory Beta



Live Long and Prosper.



Beasts of War

Merry Christmas to all!  Hope the holidays find you well.

It’s been a bit busy here on my end as of late.  Things have started to pick back up at work and I’ve been working 12hr shifts for the past couple of weeks.  I’ve also unearthed a lot of old family photos and have spent a nice chunk of time scanning those in and getting them archived.  So I haven’t exactly had a lot of time here lately to devote to this.

All is not lost though.  This weekend, while back at my parents, I took a little bit of time to finish up my combined publication on both the Missouri and Ulysses classes, the ‘X-Ships of the Linear Warp Era’.  It’s a bit bare-bones……the majority of the text spent explaining why they were needed (Missouri, to challenge the KDF’s large and imposing battlewagons; Ulysses, to rectify the problems with previous Dreadnought classes and produce a heavily armed patrol combatant that was also suitable for peacetime applications) and then their designs.

Given the time period and overlapping dates somewhat, I didn’t spend as much time explaining why they didn’t become mass produced and kind of glossed over the end of their service lives–though in the case of Ulysses, I did embellish it somewhat.

X-Ships of the Linear Warp Era

*(All material is the property of the respective owners/creators.  No infringement is intended)

What’s next?  Well, I did start something on the old Baton Rouge class, but at present, I want to start getting things organized for my next big compilation covering all the ships of the TMP/Linear Warp Era.  In addition to all the formatting and compiling, I know I’m going to have to do a fair bit of revision in order to straighten out certain details and establish a more uniform narrative overall.

Enjoy the Holidays and may you continue to Live Long and Prosper