First Line of Defense, Pt II

Hello there all, hope this post finds you well.

Today’s update continues on with the series begun in ‘Pt I’, expanding a bit on the backstory I developed for the Burke class.  It also showcases more of the amazing work done by Masao Okazaki, the designer of the Archer class and a major behind-the-scenes player in the “Vanguard” novel series.  As I stated in the annotations, I stumbled upon his Kestrel class at random and after some examination, it seemed like a perfect ‘stripped down’ compliment to the Kiaga class (which is close in size and is also armed with a pair of pulse phaser cannons).  Definitely check out his page on the ship right here.

Seawolf class Gunboat

*(All material is the property of the respective owners/creators.  No infringement is intended)

My take on the Akula class will round out this update series.  Truth be told, I could probably get it done and updated today however the text for it is stuck on my PC at work (we’ve been somewhat slow lately, used some of my downtime to start writing).  Have no fear though, it will be coming soon.

Something though that I realized with this is that I need to find some way to keep details and other bits of info consistent throughout my publications.  While writing the first few paragraphs, I suddenly remembered that I had done something way back when on a ENT era design I called Mercury.  I had forgotten about that while writing up the history of Burke, but given the service eras overlap, didn’t want to overlook it here.  What I’m thinking about doing is getting all my TOS designs together in a ‘all-in-one’ format, that way I know what I’ve already done and can move back and forth between classes quickly, doing edits and rewrites as I go or see fit.

You can bet I also will be doing the same thing at some point for my TMP era designs.  I’ve recently discovered some good visuals of both the Missouri class Battleship and Ulysses class Dreadnought from the classic PC title Klingon Academy *(good visuals of any unique class from this game are extremely hard to come by) and definitely intend to feature both in a combined ‘one-off’ or ‘X-Ship’ feature down the road here at some point.

So yeah, I’ve definitely got some great ideas brewing that should keep me busy for the foreseeable future. 😉

Live Long and Prosper



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