TrekLit Update

Hey all……….I don’t usually do off-topic posts, am just too busy and let whatever interesting tidbits just fly right over my head. I did get my hands on the latest chapter in “The Fall” saga–A Ceremony of Losses–decided to do a little digging to see what’s ahead and came up with some interesting tidbits.


2013 Releases (from Memory Beta)

2014 Releases


2013 ends with The Poisoned Chalice and Peaceable Kingdoms closing out this latest minseries, released on 11/26 and 12/31 respectively (for those of us in the USA – not sure about the foreign dates).


Also, on an interesting non-fiction note, 12/3 sees the release of Stellar Cartography: The Starfleet Reference Library. Authored by Larry Nemecek and featuring illustrations by Geoffrey Mandel (who contributed to 1980’s Star Trek Maps and was responsible for 2002’s Star Trek: Star Charts), this brings together a collection of 10 historical, large-format maps together with an in-depth reference guide.


2014 though is where the interesting stuff comes in. According to Memory Beta, May, June, July and November are all empty right now, but it starts off with the VOY novel Protectors (released 01/28). Part of the ‘Voyager Relaunch’ (, there really isn’t much of significance here–though it does serve to illustrate a point. If you haven’t been keeping up with the VOY novels, the resurrection of Kathryn Janeway (who perished at the hands of the borg in TNG’s Before Dishonor and returned in VOY’s The Eternal Tide), might be compelling enough to draw you back in.


We as readers get a bit of a break though, with no major releases announced (yet) in the post-TNG/DS9/VOY era following “The Fall”. That however can be tied to the fact that some of the principal writers (David Mack, Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore) are at work on a sequel to the “Vanguard” saga. Entitled simply “Seekers”, it will focus on the starships Endeavor and Saggitarius and get back to the roots of Trek–“seeking out new worlds and new civilizations”. The first installment is slated to be released in August and another one in September.


December sees a return to the present with the release (on 12/1) of TNG’s Home Again by Una McCormack. Can’t find out any information on the plot, but with the installments of “The Fall” taking place in the latter part of 2385, it would probably be somewhat safe to say that we’re inching ever closer to the climax that seperates the ‘prime’ universe from the “abrams-verse” (events depicted in the “Countdown” comics/graphic novels and 2009’s Star Trek). Whether or not the authors will stick with some principal points of that narriative (Picard becoming a UFP Ambassador, Data returning and taking command of the Enterprise-E) and what direction they’ll choose to go post-2387 is all up in the air.


I’ve got a draft of a post I started a while back, examining some overarching points/themes of these recent novels and then extrapolating possible creative directions to go in and ideas to explore/expand upon with regards to my own work, but it will be a while before I get to that I think. I’m about midway through the “Vanguard” series (stuck in the early part of Reap The Whirlwind) yet again, have 2 ships left to do to compliment the Burke class that I just posted and eventually want to get back to the Klingon project I had just started way back when.


When it comes to TrekLit here, we can be thankful things are quite alive and well. Perhaps you might be inspired to check out one or two you haven’t read, or maybe return to an old favorite………


Live Long and Prosper



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