First Line of Defense, Pt I

Hello again all.  I hadn’t initially planned to do another update here so soon, I wanted to complete two other classes and post all 3 together, but with as busy as I am and my disdain for going so long between posts, I decided to throw this up and buy myself some time 🙂


I hadn’t really planned on getting back into the TOS era.  I mean, I did eventually want to get around to the Akula class, but I had other ideas swirling around and was busy fleshing them out.  I started reading the “Vanguard” series again and got another request for a particular Star Fleet Battles design and so I figured why not?


The Burke class is a small, simplistic Destroyer design that reminds me a bit of the Saber class now that I think about it.  The problem was, during this era, Starfleet had a number of different Destroyer designs in service already and the burden of justifying yet another, was particularly acute.  The concept though of ‘spherical defense’ saved the day and eventually, the larger picture came together.


Not only will Akula and the Seawolf class Gunboat join Burke here eventually, but I plan to go back and revise and/or rewrite my publications concerning the Kearsarge II and Okinawa classes (possibly even the Soyuz class as well – though that’s a very thin possibility at this point) to help unify some of the more obscure TMP designs I’ve featured.

Burke class Destroyer

*(All material is the property of the respective owners/creators.  No infringement is intended)


Live Long and Prosper



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