The Enforcer

Hello again all, am back again.  Have been slightly distracted lately – the battery on my 13″ MacBook Pro (Mid 2009) is starting to go (get no more than 2hrs of normal use out of it…..).  Running OS X Snow Leopard, this is where all my web/blog stuff is saved & together with MS Office 2011, is what I’ve used to whip up a good majority of my content.  Being that I do a lot of my work away from my desk though, I needed something with great performance and good battery life which is why I added an 11″ MacBook Air (Mid 2013) to my stable a few weeks ago.

My experience with it thus far has been great – didn’t take long at all to get used to the screen/keyboard size, while the impressive response times afforded by the 128GB SSD are a welcome improvement.  The battery life has surpassed my expectations as well – definitely nice to carry this thing around and not have to worry about possibly needing to whip out an AC adapter at the end of the day.  Both this and my main desktop machine (a mid 2011 Mac Mini w/the 2.3GHz i5 & 8GB of aftermarket memory) run OS X Mountain Lion, so the enhanced interoperability is a welcome convenience.  The Air’s small size also makes for a surprisingly good e-reading machine – Adobe’s “Digital Editions” has been my program of choice for viewing ePub files (get it for free at their site), however am looking forward to OS X Mavericks and the addition of iBooks to the OS X stable finally (which among other things, would allow one to start reading on a desktop for instance, then pick up where they left off on another laptop or iDevice).

One the battery on my 13″ is gone altogether, I plan to leave it permanently plugged-in, add an additional external HD and use it as a file/media server.


Enough of all the techno-babble though!  Today’s update concerns another Klingon design gleamed from Demon Renegade Studios.  A perfect Gunboat, the G-8/Enforcer is currently the smallest ship in the KDF inventory.  One that i had spotted when I found the ship that would become my D-20/Korgal, I knew this was one I had to do.

It also made sense from a practical perspective.  What I’ve written concerning the Romulan Imperial Navy and their current inventory has them placing a renewed importance on diversifying the size and type of starships they operate–the introduction and expanded production of smaller classes such as Shrike and Longsword being prime examples.  Add to that the fact that the current state of astro-political affairs (as I’ve interpreted) has shifted back to a ‘cold war’ type of footing, where asymmetrical warfare has become the rule, rather than the exception and the overall utility of bigger, more advanced capital ships becomes diminished.

This will probably be the last Klingon ship I do for a while though.  There are the KDF starfighters (one of which is a solid TOS/TMP design) that I have pending, the Tholian ships that I referred to recently and then some ideas concerning civilian starships I’d like to explore (I’ve recently started reading the Vanguard series again, so go figure….lol), so who knows what will be coming down the pipe next.


G-8/Enforcer class Gunboat

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5 responses to “The Enforcer

  1. Another great post! Any chance you cold do a Starfleet equivalent to the enforcer in terms of size/crew?

  2. I’m intrigued by the G-1/Sentinel class Gunboat mentioned in the G-8/Enforcer datasheet. Maybe in another post?

  3. It’s a rather simple design based off of some ortho views I found way back when – nothing too remarkable lol. Will definitely try to get to that sometime though.

    This current update I’m doing concerns not only Burke, but two other classes as well. Getting the backstory together has taken some brainstorming and am just now starting to hit a good stride there.

  4. Awesome! I await the updates with bated breath! My only job seems to be to find more work for you to do! Keep up the good work.

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